Thursday, August 5, 2010

What am I thinking?

I am letting Lola sneak a nap in right now- it’s 7:09 p.m.  I am crazy and going to regret this later.  She has been waking up lots during the night for who knows what reason and where this came from, but it’s been ongoing for awhile and when I don’t get good sleep I become really grumpy… so why would I let her sleep now and ruin her night for sure?  It just is so nice to have peace and quiet especially when she just happen to fall asleep all on her own.   Aaaaaa-mazing.  So I’ll just type for a second or two then wake her up.  Last night she actually made it through the night, but I had to wake her up early so momma could work today.  Go figure your child sleeps in like a rock on the day you have to wake up.  Happens every time.

Well despite lack of sleeping, Lola is just growing unbelievably fast.  Her communication skills are up a few notches, her desire to see people she knows is really strong and therefore creates a feeling of “I miss you….”  She has been having a blast with her daddy and vice versa.  I am just in love.  Today when I got her from Nonna’s she pulled me by my blue jeans to come into her room so she could show me what she was up to.  Haha- so funny. 

Lola asleep in the rocker, half her body is hanging off.  ??? Crazy!


Lola loves those stick crackers dipped in cheese now… although she just tends to eat the cheese and makes a HUGE mess…


OK, OK I have to go wake a sleeping baby… blah, blah, blah

“Ohhhhh Lolaaaaaaa”

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