Monday, August 16, 2010

Proud New Homeowners!

Well- today is a big day!  Clay and I purchased our very first home!  Yayayaya!  We are so excited and the best part is no moving!  Haha!  We loved the one we were renting and decided to buy!  So I have been  busy changing a few things here and there, like painting, rearranging, making curtains, etc… I always have been able to do what I wanted with the house, but I wanted it to feel new so what better excuse to paint than that!  I’ll have to post pictures soon- but for now here is our little family of 3 being goofy!



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Kristen said...

congrats natalie!

~Laura~ said...

yipee! so happy for y'all! :)
cute pics!

Jillian Knutson said...

Congratulations! So thrilled for you :0)

ps check and a little something else in the mail for you

Debbie said...

So proud and happy for the Swartz fam!!! Yay on your first home!!!