Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Aunt Kebby + College


Well, it’s official- Kebby left for college today!  Lola and I soaked up a lot of time with her over the weekend and into Monday!  But we already miss her! 

It’s midnight and Clay and I just got through Skyping Keb and getting a personal tour of her apartment via computer cam.  So adorable.  I so wish I was there too!  I called a million times today to get updates and all in all sounds like it was a good day!  Her place was really cute and had a lot of great vintage touches.  When I go visit her soon, I will take lots of pics!  They still need some essential things so I hope to get another Skype tour soon.  :) 

Since Lola was asleep in her own bed while we Skyped, we are Skyping again tomorrow so Lola can get in on all the fun.  I wonder how she will react to see Aunt Kebby on the computer screen.  Haha…  It’s going to be fun and Kebby and I already planned out how we are going to Skype a lot so Lola can still see her Aunt Kebby. 

Clay, myself, and Lola are so proud of Kebby and just know she will love this new stage of life!     Congratulations Kebby!

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Anonymous said...

I am thinking about getting a Skype, my sisters want me to and now I have another reason - plus I can talk to Clayton in Jordan.
The pictures are adorable! Lola's personality sure does show through! How precious! love, meme'