Friday, August 6, 2010

My dreams have come true…

Well a little dramatic, but Lola does love to color and that makes me happy!  It’s one of the only things that will make her sit still for longer than a few seconds.   We had to start a new rule: 2 colors at a time because she likes to color and eat them and draw on more than just paper. 

Isn’t this adorable?


Ignore the crazy hair- she just woke up from a sweaty nap. 


Major concentration and determination:





A little TV distracted for a moment! :) (See the barely there pony tail?  I can hardly wait till it’s a tad longer and thicker!)

024  026



As happy as coloring made me, it makes me happier to see her happy from coloring. 


Jillian Knutson said...

The first pic of Lola's pony tail view~that's totally a Natalie face. She's looking more like you all the time!

Perfect green and purple masterpiece for the fridge! Keep up the great work Miss Lola Picasso :0)

Anonymous said...

Precious ponytail!! Beautiful pictures...I can see she is the most talented artist!! I can hardly wait to be with her and you!
I really enjoyed your mama spending the nights with us! We always love for them to come! What a treat!!!

Nonna said...

Lola...color me a picture so I can frame it! I love watching you color!

Ginni said...

I love these pictures of Lola, she is so adorable! I agree, we should go to dinner before Bekah leaves! She leaves Friday so let me know if you can hang out this week! And thanks for the "shout out" to my blog! :)