Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tubes in and Adenoids out!


Lola did amazing with her little surgery yesterday!  I really couldn’t have been more surprised by how well she did.  I am seriously proud of her. 

Our last few doctor appointments (excluding the crappy pediatrician) have been amazing and she has acted like such a big girl, so I did have high hopes- but knew when they took her from us it would be really difficult… BUT IT WASN’T (for her)!  The doctors and nurses connected with her right away and I picked her up and said Dr. Sunny is going to show you a really cool game and momma is running potty real quick and I’ll see you in just a second.  She reached right for Dr. Sunny and off she went.  She gave a glance back but did wonderful. 

Dr. A said she did great back there and really is growing up!  I was counting down the minutes till someone came out to let me know how it went and Dr. A came out to the waiting room to let us know everything went great and he didn’t take her tonsils out.  He said she has what they call “glue ear” and the fluid that was behind the ear drum doesn’t go away and gets really thick and glue-like and antibiotics wouldn’t help so it was great he was able to clean out her ear and said her hearing should be leaps and bounds better immediately!  And of course he put tubes in and took out her adenoids too. 

When I went back there to see her, she was waking up and crying a terrible little cry- wasn’t expecting her to be so upset actually.  And for the record, I don’t do well with hospitals, the smells, blood, the whole shebang… and she smelt like surgery and was bleeding.  I had to say a quick prayer that the Lord wouldn’t let my pregnant self gag over the smells.  Her IV was bothering her and they had her hand completely bandaged up, so I quickly got them to take that out because she wanted it off and as trying to do it herself with her eyes still closed! They hurried us out the door, but I was thinking there was no way she was ready to go home yet.  They assured me she was and would just be like this for a little bit.  And yes, I just held her all the way home in the back seat because she was just moaning and crying the whole time.  I felt so helpless but just comforted her.  I noticed Clay in the front never went over any speed limits! :)  She fell asleep as we got home and I just rocked her.  After about an hour or more, she started saying in her sleep “Lola and Baby Sawyer go first.”  Then she popped up and continued to say “Our birthday is in April and we are going first.”  She was totally dreaming.  But after that she started talking to me as if the morning had never happened. I could tell she didn’t really recall the morning at all.  After she was up for a few minutes, she realized how hungry and thirsty she was and wanted to eat and drink a little.  Thought that was a great sign!

But then she looked down and saw one of the band-aids on her arm and was not happy!  She said “Band-AID!  Why is this on me?  Who put this on me?” Hahaha- I just told her I did because she had a boo-boo.  She was very confused and made me take it off yet then was real upset with the bruise and prick mark under the band-aid.  She couldn’t figure out what happened to her.  It really bothered her so I quickly distracted her with Caillou and decided not to talk about the morning at all and just see if she said anything throughout the day.  Not really.  If Clay and I brought it up to get an idea of what she remembered it seemed to make her a little distraught so we let it be.  Last night and today she told me her throat hurt but nothing really more than that.  Oh and this is without her taking the medicine before hand to calm her down.  I decided to pass on it because she was so happy.  :)  So it all couldn’t have gone any better and hoping for less allergies and certainly hoping ear infections are done with now that we have tubes.

Oh family and friends dropped off flowers, balloons, and little gifts for Miss. Lola yesterday which was so sweet and she just loved getting them- BUT she didn’t understand why people where bringing her things since she was happy and didn’t remember what went down that morning! She kept asking “why my friends and family bring me flowers?”  She asked several times and I just reminded her each time it’s because Dr. A took out the extra bunny rabbit it your ear so they were just checking on you and letting you know how much they love you!  I made her a bunny to match the one she sleeps with (it was mine when I was little) and said it was the little bunny trying to find his momma bunny and the doctor said he had been hiding in your ear!  I love that she is still young enough to believe that!  She looked at me like that’s not possible, but then just went with it.  Haha… we have been reading the The Runaway Bunny so it kind of goes along with that theme and she really enjoys that book.  Thanks to everyone for loving on her and thanks to mom for playing Lite Brite and Play-Doh with her so patiently.  She is blessed with lots of love!


Anonymous said...

So glad all went well with the 'surgery'! What a big brave girl!! I'm happy to get caught up with the mail as I have been on the go lately! Enjoyed hearing about Nick's BD!! He got a BD supper up here too. Give Lola kisses and hugs for me and tell her I so enjoy watching her grow up. It is happening to quick!! You look great Natalie...just like you should carrying that 'football player'. Well, kidding aside I don't think you look to large for any size baby - just right. Love you all! meme'

Casey & Lauren Coats said...

haha, do you think she was talking about the real baby Sawyer who's birthday is in April or her doll? What do you think she meant about "going first?"

I am glad it all went so well. I hope Sawyer's does as well! Not looking forward to it :(

Natalie said...

Lauren- I think she was talking about her doll... I actually am not for sure if she really remembers your Sawyer or not now. Haha- She wanted me to wear the hospital gown first and have the baby then she would wear hers. But it is crazy now that she doesn't even remember the morning or what happened. I am sure Sawyer will handle it like a champ! I think it's a lot easier when they don't do adenoids too... Are they taking Sawyer's adenoids out too?