Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day

We had such a sweet family Valentine’s Day this year.  Lola really has been looking forward to Valentine’s Day since before Christmas thanks to one of her favorite shows, Caillou.  She excitedly made Valentine’s for her friends and looked forward to Valentine’s night with us all day. 

I thought it would be really fun to make homemade pizza as a family that night and I can’t take credit for the cute idea.  Once again, Caillou is to thank for that.  Lola is a picky eater (wonder where she gets that from?) and since she loves pizza and talks about how Caillou makes pizza with his mommy and friends, I thought why shouldn’t we do that too?  Even Clay and I were looking forward to the night and we aren’t big Valentine’s people. Lola and I went to the “fun” grocery store (the one with the car buggies) to pick out our ingredients.  Lola wanted cheese and marshmallows for toppings but you may know marshmallows toppings more commonly as mushrooms. I knew she wouldn’t really want either on her pizza and I was right.  She helped daddy put “marshmallows” on his pizza though!

She made cookies and heart tags for her friends at school and she told me when I picked her up “All my friends loved their cookies, momma!”  Isn’t that sweet? 

One thing Lola and I love to do is stay in our pajamas and craft and sew.  A girl truly after my own heart.  We got busy making her Valentine cards for her friends.  She was taking this very seriously.




The purple hearts (color she picked) went on top of the patterned paper and being a little bit of a perfectionist I wanted to actually do it for her, but I refrained and Lola actually nailed it.  She is quite talented guys.


She picked purple toile too.  No pink this day.

After she told me what to write on the hearts she colored them.  Again, this was no laughing matter to her. 013  017

This would have been a cool picture if she would have smiled a tad.  I didn’t know till later in the week, but that ear infection was back.  :(  Might explain her pale face this day.

031 038



Pizza Night:

Fresh pizza dough.  Easy peazy but fun and fresh.


Lola could have played forever in the sauce and with the cheese. 


058  062

Proud and couldn’t wait to put it in the oven.  Luckily this pizza only takes around 10 minutes to bake.


Lola and I never got a good picture and I look horrible. Could I have pulled back my and Lola’s hair at least?  Gotta’ love 3rd trimester…


Everyone loved the pizza.  It was pretty darn good actually!

082 083

We want to have round 2 so we can perfect them!  Clay and I agreed more sauce and for sure Lola and I could have used less cheese.  :)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.  It was fun to make it such a family focused night. We plan to have a few more of these before baby arrives.

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