Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello! I don’t know the sex?!?! And Lola is a freaking comedian!

So it seriously just hit me today that I don’t know the sex of this baby!  I start my 32nd week tomorrow and have been working on the nursery today and quilting (quilt is for the nursery twin bed) and it’s really weird.  I still feel glad I don’t know, but it’s just so strange.  I know people pregnant and calling their baby by name and I say he, she and it at any given moment.  I don’t really feel like I feel less connected to the baby though.  I wanted this baby really bad and the baby isn’t any less real.  Trust me.  This baby throws some mad parties in my belly every night.  I am pooped.  And the last couple days I have been cramping really bad off and on.  (Hoping that means a baby closer to 38 weeks than 40!) The number one question strangers ask me now, “What are you having?” And I always want to respond with “A baby.”  Hahaha- would that make me a smartass?  Aren’t you allowed to be one when pregnant?  Oh! You aren’t?  Oops.  And everyone else ask me what my intuition tells me… um- I am pregnant and feel pregnant, fat, and tired.  No inclination on the sex.  So here’s the deal.  I really think it’s odd how matter-of-fact Lola is about the baby being a girl- so I think she has to be right.  But since a boy would be big change for us, I am more mentally prepared for a boy at this point and a girl would be a shocker to me…  Clay is going to video the delivery so our reaction is on camera! No vagina shots allowed.  Agh.

Went to the doctor on Monday and Lola went with me.  She really seems to enjoy going.  I was laying down on the table and she sits right on top of my thighs while the doctor measures my stomach and listens to the baby’s heartbeat.  Isn’t that pretty cute?  I stood on the scale and yelled “This can’t be right!” And Lola was sitting on the bench right next to me and said “Momma, take off your shoes!”  Great idea child.  So I did.  It didn’t matter.  Up 27 pounds.  How could this be??  Not fantastic.  I guess I am going to hit the 40 pound mark again instead of just 30.  But I have nixed cokes and teas from my diet now which I should have done forever ago. I love me some regular coke.  I am sure I was drinking a gazillion calories.  But now that I am not drinking cokes, I am just eating more Oreos.  What’s up with the sweet tooth non-stop?  Is it weird that I kind of look forward to the challenge of loosing the weight though?  Hopefully I can as easily as I did last time… I feel confident.

So Lola like to feel the baby move (or pretend to) and talk to the baby, but occasionally she’ll accidentally hit my stomach to hard and I remind her we can’t do that, because it might hurt the baby then she does it again with a smirk.  Oh my.  Already being the big sister bully?  Not good.  Hopefully that won’t be the case while the baby is a newborn.  For my vagina’s sake, I hope the baby is smaller, but for the baby’s sake- I hope he/she is a chunky monkey to handle Lola’s craziness.  Nick comes over and within 20 minutes always says “How do you do this all the time?”  Then offers to babysit because he knows that as fun as she is, I must be exhausted.  Haha.  Thanks bub.  He says his friends babies can go hours without talking.  Lola can seriously go maybe 5 seconds.  I try not to get frustrated but feel entertained since she honestly is so much like me- but not always the case.  I am working on another post right now talking about all the funny things she is saying and doing.  I need to get more video for sure.  The funniest thing to me right now is I ask her if she needs to go potty and she tells me no, but because she is playing or what not I am scared she may, so I ask her again, "Are you sure Lola?” And she came up with this answer alll on her own and says it a lot… cracks me up… “No, the tee-tee isn’t in my vagina yet.”  How hilarious is that and then how smart is that?  Brilliant actually.  And how can I argue with that.  End of discussion.  She doesn’t need to go.  The tee-tee isn’t in her vagina yet.  Seriously cracks me up.

Tonight I was cleaning her room while Clay was getting her pajamas on her and he noticed this rash on her body looked better so he said “Your bumps are better.”  And she looked at them (they are under her armpit) and said “Daddy, look at my boob!”  Haha- he didn’t know how to respond and I couldn’t stop laughing and he said, “Who taught you that word!?”  Of course that could have been me!  Then about a month ago she asked him if he had vaginas and butts?  (She made them plural.)  He looked a little shocked so I just said “No, daddy doesn’t have a vagina.  No boys do.  Just butts.”  If this baby is a boy, then we can better explain boy parts to her at that time.  It won’t go unnoticed with her.  That’s for sure.  Hope she doesn’t talk about her private parts at school!  I think her teacher wouldn’t know how to respond at all!  

I do have to brag a minute on Lola today… she was perfect!  In fact my mom called offering to come get her for a bit and I took a rain check because she was so good.  She watched Polar Express (her request) and it was her second time to see it, maybe 3rd.  She is pretty frightened of the movie but can’t bring herself not to watch it.  Hope it doesn’t give her bad dreams.  She watched the entire movie perfectly.  A miracle.  Then played and was just so easy.  Wiped her butt by herself each time instead of hollering for me.  Ate good.  I did a lot of quilting today and she was perfect in the sewing room.  She played with a bowl of rubber bands for at least 30 minutes then amazingly picked up every single one.  There were 100+.  She was just fantastic.  We took her to El Fenix tonight because she has been begging to go for awhile.  Just so darn good.  Had a mini break down, only one of the day, but it was bedtime.  What more could you ask for? :)  Now if she can only sleep through the night.  Benadryl has been my best friend lately because I can go right back to sleep each time she wakes me up. 

So since this post has shifted over to Lola- I’ll paste what the other post was saying too… (FYI: I think pregnancy has me in a journaling mood more than a “blogging” mood.)

(Written yesterday)

Man, I am exhausted and falling behind on blogging. It stinks because Lola is doing some seriously funny stuff. But I have learned that the funnier they get, also means the crazier they get. She is quite a handful and on days I feel good and energized, it’s fun and isn’t a big deal- but days I feel super pregnant and tired- I think I might pull my hair out and run down the street screaming! Haha- I am sure she feels the same way. The new sleep training is still being worked on nightly and isn’t any easier than the last report. Unfortunately we still need that darn mattress in her room.

Right now she is serving me ice cream (pretend of course) and has her long sleeve shirt tucked into her oversized purple panties. She refuses to put pants on after she uses the bathroom. And when she uses the bathroom she slams the door and yells “I need privacy!” Oh my. I encourage doors to stay open, but love that she uses the word “privacy.” :)

Last night she didn’t go to bed easily (took two hours for her to fall asleep) and I was in one of those moods that it was definitely to her and my benefit that she fall asleep. So I kept ridiculously threatening her to fall asleep and I told her I was not happy. So she starts whispering every 3 seconds “I love you momma.” So I tried to somewhat ignore her but she kept saying it so finally I thanked her and told her I loved her but it was time to close our mouth and eyes and no more saying that. So she said “Are you happy now?” And I said when you fall asleep I will be happy… so she closed her eyes for a split second then said “I like you a lot momma…. are…you…happy…now?” You think that would have melted my heart and it does today, but last night I was exhausted and was ready for bed myself especially since I took a Benadryl… But it was funny to me how she picked up on my frustration and wanted to make me happy- but she just couldn’t fall asleep.

When people ask if it’s a boy she always responds with “a boy after the girl.” What if she is right? Crazy. Like how she has a plan though.

Lola is playing in her room and I just heard her yell “I am so proud of myself!” She is crazy. Earlier she was playing with her little people and apparently one was Ba and it was funny hearing her talk like Ba.

The other morning Lola and I were eating our usual breakfast together and she excitedly said “Momma, how did the egg get to Nonna’s house?” Well I was quite confused and didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but by the sounds of her voice it seemed as though she was telling me a joke. So I said “How did the egg get to Nonnas?” And she smiled and giggle, “It drove there!” She couldn’t stop laughing so I joined in. She told me “I have jokes.” I shouldn’t have laughed so hard because now she tells me this joke of hers all the time! Crazy kid.

Okay I need to go lay down and rest!  Sewing wore me out today! Winking smile Although I did finish an entire twin size quilt top today and it was so much fun… can’t wait to quilt it now! Hope I like it in the nursery but if not, I will just have to make another!

Good night.

P.S. You know I am a tired pregnant lady when my January 2012 picture folder only has two pictures in it.  What?  I need to get out the camera way more this month!

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Casey & Lauren Coats said...

girl i don't know how you do it! i am proud of you for not giving in with lola. i am not even pregnant and i am tired at night. it will all be worth it when she is sleep-trained! :) i got my machine last week so i need to come over to do a lesson soon!! :) do you ever do classes during the day (before 5) on wednesdays?