Monday, February 6, 2012

Damn Ear Infections

They seriously make me so mad, because they get so bad and last forever.  Poor Lola.  And they certainly haven’t helped at night time.  She wakes up a lot because her ear drum ruptured (as always) and the infection leaks out. It’s always worse at night. She wakes up freaked out because her cotton ball has fallen out and she screams “there’s stuff in my ear- get it out!”  As tired as I am, I feel awful for her and just want to help her feel better.  Still am not sleeping with her, but laying with her a lot and sleeping in her room.  I am even having to rock some.  I am surprised she doesn’t get more infections- but the ones she has had have been killer.  It’s so worse now that she can talk, because she tells me how bad it hurts.  After we left the doctor, she kept saying “make it feel better now, momma!”  :(

012So thanks to finally having a good go-to doctor (our ENT), he is putting tubes in her ears this month.  I am going to try hard to get him to take out her adenoids as well. Clay and I both had ours out.  It’s no fun the older you get so I would like to do it while she is still young.  And tonsils may or may not be an issue… I had mine out at 20 and it SUCKED!  Seriously might have been worse than having a baby.  My ENT warned me it’s hard on adults and it’s ridiculous. So I am all up for taking it all out!  I will talk to him in detail at our pre-op appt.  For my prayer friends, please pray the medicine they give her before the tubes really does make her relaxed and loopy.  I hope this isn’t a bad experience for her and quite frankly one she won’t remember.  He said she may not thanks to the meds.  I don’t know if I can stay in there when they put her under so I dread them taking her from me to do that.  Too bad I can’t give her a few beers before hand.  JK.  Totally JK.  Meds should be even better.

Lola and I are taking it easy after the sick weekend and trying to suction all the grossness out of her ear every couple hours.  AND we are spring cleaning.  Especially since it’s been 70 outside this winter.  I think I hit a major nesting mode today and have cleaned out the guest room, which had so much junk stored in it and Lola and I are working on getting the bathroom organized for two kids and washing all the sheets and stuff for the baby room!  We can’t wait to meet this little monster… still feel insane for not knowing.  I think about it a lot now. A lot.

Well we are hitting up a drive-thru for some food since we are both in our sweats today.  Gotta’ love Mondays.  Work day tomorrow though.. womp, womp, womp.

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