Thursday, March 1, 2012

Baby Talk

photophotoSo Laura told me to post a picture of the bump and talk baby!  So here I am!  Been on my list of things to do… Actually just had a doctor appt and great news: he will induce at 39 weeks as long as my cervix is favorable… and me and my cervix will be having a come-to-Jesus-meeting in the next couple of weeks and I assured Dr. P it would be favorable!  Hopefully I will go into labor before then so I don’t have to be induced twice, but not counting on anything.  Such a relief to know only 4 weeks left though.  I felt like the last part of pregnancy is more depressing than fun, especially when your bladder is falling out of your cookie jar.  Uh-huh.  Not lying.  Doctor is way less concerned than I am.  On a fun note, I got an unexpected sonogram at 35 weeks and baby look so different than it did at 20 weeks and even has hair on its pretty little head.  :)  Kind of weird to be able to see- but very exciting.  Makes it hard to be patient at this point. Surpassed my 30 pound goal by a couple pounds, but really not stressing it.  I really have an “I don’t care” attitude at this point.  Laid back and tired.  Benadryl has become my friend at night to help me sleep more soundly and Clay is helping a lot with Lola at night.  She is doing better, but the surgery definitely set us back because she isn’t sleeping soundly this week.  I slept with her once and Clay has too just so she and we could make it through the night.  Lately I have been napping here and there in the afternoon and Lola is so sweet.  She rubs my face and makes sure I am okay and gets me a water out of the fridge.  She says “The baby make you tired?” And then when I am up and being “fun” she will tell me the baby not always make me tired.  I love conversing with her even about the baby because she so seems to grasp everything.  Unfortunately she is no longer coming with me to my dr. appts because I got weekly now which normally involves an exam and she got her one and only experience with that if I can help it. 

Oh and here is a picture of me same time with Lola (look so swollen)- I feel like I look so different. (35/36 weeks) Wish I was that tan but glad I have longer hair this time around and little smaller.  I almost cut my hair but decided I wanted the delivery pictures to be obviously different so I could remember looking back hence longer hair this time.  Ridiculous?  Clay loves it too so whatever keeps me motivated to let it grow.

DSC_0018   photo

   So I am definitely fully committed to using cloth diapers- want to see these cutie pie diapers?


I have a few and can’t wait to order more! The ones I decided to go with, and trust me, there are tons of options and styles, are Bum Genius Freetime Diapers with snaps. I think I will be pleased with these and they are one-size… so they grow with your child which seems like the smartest way to do it since part of the reason for cloth diapers is to save money!  Aren’t the colors great?  I love them!  I think they all would work on a girl and then if it is a girl, I will definitely order the pinks and purple- but for now sticking with neutrals. 

I can’t believe I haven’t posted nursery pictures, because I am really excited about the nursery.  I love that I went ahead and put a twin bed in the room and made it suitable for Lola too.  I think there is still a part of me that just seems like this baby is further off than it really is since we don’t know the sex and the room seems “unclaimed” so to speak.  I know when baby is born, I will be motivated to add/change some more details and make it a tad more gender specific.  But regardless I am really liking it.  Feels cozy.  

005472As far as any more baby talk- don’t know what to say.  I have to admit, haven’t thoroughly enjoyed the pregnancy… wish I could say otherwise.  I am grateful that all has gone well and baby seems to be thriving in there.  Just tired and feel like Lola and definitely Clay don’t get 100%.  Kind of a stinky feeling.  But it has flown by.  Seriously.  Crazy.  Can’t believe 4 weeks left.  I can’t even imagine what I looked like at 20 weeks or how I felt at 12 weeks.  The picture to the left was taken at 19 weeks.  I can’t believe how small I look. I am sure I didn’t feel small then. Picture on right was taken at 8 weeks preggers.  Can’t believe how little I was… didn’t feel it then but now I would give anything to feel that light and have a flat stomach.  Hello treadmill in April. 

Looking forward to having this baby out of me and in all of our arms, especially Clay’s and Lola’s because Lola is going to be so entertaining as a big sister and Clay is just way more comfortable and seasoned this time around.  It’s so fun seeing us grow as  a family.  Lola seems so happy and I think she really knows how much Clay and I love her and how excited we are for her to be a big sister and meet this little baby. 

And lastly, baby names.  Actually undecided.  I really don’t think we will go into labor with set names.  It’s just hard too not knowing the sex.  I need to meet this little one and let the gender sink in and then think I will know a good name.

And as much as everyone seems like they couldn’t wait to find out the sex, I am surprised because it’s not like there are tons of options.  I mean, it will be a boy or a girl.  That’s it.  Not a whole lot of difference in planning besides nursery, but as I learned with Lola- it really doesn’t matter if their room is finished or not when they are born.  I felt like it was hardly used.  This baby’s room is set up so different and very playful so hopefully it will be useful a lot sooner than Lola’s really was.  And this baby will be sleeping in the crib.  A note to baby: Don’t feel less loved because I made you sleep by yourself unlike Lola- you’ll be glad one day when Lola is still clingy and you aren’t… it all evens out.  Note to Lola: Clingy is okay too.  You were a great snuggle buddy.

Okay Clay and I are drinking our Sonic drinks (mine is a huge cup of water and crushed ice- so boring but actually very good) and about to watch a new TV show.  Looking forward to the weekend and glad Lola got an appetite back after being down all week.  Hope she is definitely on the up and up.  I told her she can’t be sick with a new baby on the way!! :)


~Laura~ said...

Yay!! Good baby talk :) You do look way different now than with Lola- crazy! The weekly appts will make the last stretch fly! Can NOT wait to meet this little one! Love y'all both! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! Not much longer...the last always seem the longest. We did not have a name picked out when we had our fourth child,(at that time no one knew the sex) the nurse said (crossly), 'you have only had 9 months to think about this!' Hopefully you won't get that. The fourth turned out to be Ben Richard. Love and hugs to Lola!! meme'