Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Zoo

059Woke up late this morning and thought it would be fun to take Lola to the zoo as our last family of 3 outing.  The weather was cloudy and felt nice and Lola was pretty darn excited when we mentioned it to her, although Clay was skeptical if I was really up to it.  I thought it would be so sweet and possibly help spur labor on. ;)  Being checked tomorrow, so every little bit helps and mom walked me a lot on Friday and had me climb stairs so fingers crossed on Monday that I have progressed further than 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. (That was where I was at last Saturday… I am in my 38th week right now) I was looking forward to spending some time with Lola in a fun way before baby arrives.

Lola can’t remember when we took her last time which surprised us, but thankfully, as soon as we got there she was already way more into it all.  She might have been more interested in just running around like a crazy girl rather than seeing the animals though but anyhow she enjoyed her time there.  Clay can’t wait for the day till she wants to observe the animals like he does.  Poor Clay- I don’t really like to stare at them either.  Haha- we have never been much of a zoo type family.


Lola’s grandma panties were hanging out a bit.  Oops.


Her hair looks so long- I always cut it when it hits this length so it has been hard not to give in, but I am ready to be able to pull it up in a good ponytail for summer.


She seemed surprise and hesitant when she realized the animals were up close and REAL!


023 027

Her favorite part of course was the carousel ride! I am sure she would have liked the train too, but we didn’t make it on.  Lola and I wore down at the same time, lucky for me.

028 039

Wish I knew how to take pictures!  Some of these could have been so cool!



064I forgot to get a picture of how ridiculous I looked walking around the zoo so big and pregnant and wanted one with Lola :( Makes me sad.  Oh well- back home and camera is charging in case baby is here sooner rather than later.  Lola said yesterday baby would be here tomorrow and oh how I wish she was right or really close!  We are all so ready!  Clay is a little more freaked out because I could go into labor where as last time I never did and was induced.  I think he keeps picturing my water breaking in the car and having to frantically drive me to the hospital as I try not to push out the baby.  Haha- that would be an exciting birth story to say the least!

Thankful for our Sunday family day.  Oh and yesterday we bought a car to replace the totaled Prius.  Clay got a nice Honda Civic sedan to commute to and from work in.  Lola loves it because it’s maroon-ish color and she isn’t used to that around here. Hope she really likes it, because as we drove off the lot, Clay said Lola will be driving this car in about 13 years. Oh how I hope that is true.  Classic.

  066   065

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