Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello 39th Week!


Started my 39th week today and thanks to my doctor, we set an induction date of next Thursday, so the longest I have is one week, but he said I could go before then too.  At least if I don’t, I have a definite finish line- I SOOOO needed that.  I am no good 9 months pregnant.  Period.  Everyone would second that. 

Wish I was happy and blissful and don’t get me wrong- I am overly excited about meeting this baby- but I am freaking miserable.  I think God does this so that before epidurals were invented women would feel ready to birth their child.  If it was all fun and games right now, then women might be too scared to go into labor- haha.  Doctor told me it might be hard, but I may have a change of thought when I go into labor and I assured him I would be READY and happy…

I have gained 39 pounds… 9 over my 30 pound goal, but really don’t care.  The nice thing about being this pregnant is I don’t care about a lot.  It’s a good change of pace… but along with not caring… I seem to have no tolerance.  It’s bad.  Nick spent the night a few nights ago and he actually thought I was going to let him roll his unicycle around my house after I had just mopped and cleaned everything considering I am expecting a newborn.  I told him to stick that thing right out in the garage and he tried to tell me why unicycles don’t belong in garages and Clay just nodded to him and said “Man, you just better do what she says.”  Nick looked like a kid who got his candy taken away and said he wasn’t spending the night again until I had the baby.  Crazy Uncle Nick.

On the other hand, Kebby came over yesterday and really helped me tidy up and finish some chores around the house.  It was so nice and she kept me motivated longer than I could have kept myself.  I changed up my bedroom and L-O-V-E it!  Clay and I want to shop Dallas this weekend and find a painting to go over the bed.  Can’t wait to add some real art in the home.  I did add a plant! Haha- pregnancy does weird things to women…

So everyone seems to think this baby is a boy!  I can’t believe it!  The poll shows almost 50/50, but everywhere I go- everyone says “Oh, are you having a boy?”  And I inform them nobody knows- and they nod, like they do.  This one guy (stranger)- someone who I would peg is anything but interested in my baby bump stopped me to ask if it was a boy and promised me it was.  Lola promises it is not though.  Clay did say boy the other day for the first time and I just don’t know.  Apart of me still thinks girl because Lola does.  Because I am so ready to have this baby and have room in my stomach for all my organs and food- I get so anxious to have the baby and totally forget that I don’t even know the sex.  Clay says he does the same.  I guess it’s just because the baby isn’t any less real and I still feel so much love, so it’s not really important.  Clay just walked down the hallway and said he loves looking into the baby room.  What a sweet compliment my husband can give me. 

We can tell Lola is knowing that something is about to happen soon now.  She is thinking about it all more and more and asked me the other day:

Lola: Why you have to stay in the hospital for 2 days?

Me: Remember the doctor is just making sure momma and the baby are okay!  You and daddy get to take us home from the hospital and you’ll ride in the backseat with the baby!

Lola (stuttering and worried face): But what if you and the baby not okay and the doctor not make you okay?

Me: Everyone will be great and okay and happy!  Remember you went to the doctor today for a check up and he said you were beautiful, strong, and healthy!  Same thing!

Can y’all believe she was even thinking that?  Shocked me and glad she tells me what’s on her mind. Hope she always does that and hope I put her mind to rest.  Today she took her baby doll in it’s carrier in the car and made sure she got the car seat toy for her Baby Sawyer… then while we were driving she just played with Baby Sawyer and talked and talked to her.  It was so sweet.  Then I thought it was a sign from God that the baby was coming today- but obviously not. I love that she does this all on her own.  Such a caretaker and lover.  I took a long nap today and she just played in her room with her babies then came in the den- fixed her own snack and grabbed a bottled water out of the fridge and watched TV- when I finally woke up- she hugged on me and the belly and tickled my face and just asked me if I was okay and needed anything.  Melt me heart child.  She will be a wonderful big sister and a wonderful help to me.  I love her and LOVE this age.  Oh and her favorite show right now is “Super Why.”  She loves it and doesn’t surprise me.  The child loves to know why. Hmmm- wonder where she gets that from. 

On another note, took Lola to a new pediatrician that she and I both really seemed to like.  The test is when she is really sick will we like him… but by far leaps and bounds better than our crappy ones we have seen.  He did say she needed to see an eye doctor and dermatologist.  Sad face.  Her eye turns in especially when she is tired and he said the longest that should have lasted was 6 months old which is different from what our old pediatrician said- I figured it needed to be checked.   And he said her Molluscum Contagiosum bumps were basically out of control and needed to be removed.  I was scared of that and she has had them for months and they only get worse and spread because of where they are.  So looks like that will be on the list of things to do in April.  She did get a shot and thanks to Sid The Science Kid she knew this would hurt a bit but knew how to act brave too- until she got stuck by the needle.  Really upset but gained composure and we left happy.  She said “Mom, ask me how the doctor went!!”  So I did as I giggled and she exclaimed “GOOD!”  My baby girl is getting so big!

I guess I have been in a journaling mood tonight!  Taking Carole’s advice I have been trying to stay busy in my craft room to help the nights go by faster and it really helps.  It also seems to relax my mind and help me fall asleep easier along with the documentaries Clay has been watching at night.  ;)

Time for a bath and to wind down… Can’t believe this time next week I should be holding a precious baby!  OH I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

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Debbie Swartz said...

Such an exciting time for your family of (almost) four!! Love y'all, Gram :)