Thursday, March 15, 2012


I can’t believe Lola is in her last week or so of being an only child.  Clay and I are so excited to give her a sibling and we just feel like we timed things out wonderfully (along with some help) as she seems so ready for a little playmate.  I kind of get emotional when I see us as a family playing and just thinking about how things will change.  I am so happy, yet can’t believe there will be two little ones now.

My little artist drawing while I was doing some last minute sewing.  Lola always ask me “Where you put my fab-a-rics momma?”  So I give her a stack of fabrics and she lays them all out, like she is putting together a quilt and tells me “I am making a qwuilt. Do you think that is a great idea or what?”  I DO LOLA!  I love we are so much alike.  It’s kind of crazy at times.

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001I am pretty bad about letting Lola go so to speak and her and Nonna have been talking about having a bunkin’ party for some time now… I finally decided this may be a good idea for me.  I slept nine hours and only peed once during the night unlike my normal 5-6 times a night being so preggers.  Lola was so excited and packed her suitcase and just couldn’t wait.  It was a nice trial run for me too so when I am at the hospital I can relax a little better.  Lola told me she might call me but not to come get her.  Haha- I think she could have stayed a week to be honest.  A big thanks to mom and dad.  I know they love her, but I know they have to entertain her a lot too because the girl likes to play! And it was on mom’s birthday, which was a bit of bad timing, but of course mom didn’t mind.  Pretty selfless to us kids. :) 

Some how winter was skipped and we never had really cold weather.  Lola has enjoyed being outside and Clay normally takes her outside when he gets home earlier enough to let her play.  I can’t always keep up with her crazy outdoor adventures, like Jeep riding.

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Lola is just growing and growing so fast.  She says the smartest things.  Lately she has been curious about short-sleeve shirts and calls them “under shirts” and wants to know where the sleeves went?  I just try to explain to her that it’s warm outside and we don’t need long sleeves anymore.  When I wear a sleeveless shirt around the hours, she always tells me I need to get dressed bc I have on my under shirt.  Crazy kid.  And not that I am counting, but seriously, my child ask “WHY?” at least 100 times a day… that’s no lie… it could be way more than that too.  One day I will count.  Having a newborn around may make the why question worse.  Oh goodness.

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