Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Neutral Nursery


Well, I am 85% done and sharing with you guys! Considering I made it as neutral as possible there are still things that will be swapped depending on the sex of this baby.  Also I have framed things that have something else hidden behind them in case it’s too boyish and I have a girl, or vice versa.  I knew if the baby was a boy I wanted something eclectic and same for a girl actually.  Nothing too girly and not a sports type theme or anything like that for a boy- so whatever my mind envisioned- it had a hard time processing it all as one package… so slowly the room came together and I followed Nate Berkus’s and coincidentally my mom’s advice—if you LOVE it, buy it… you’ll find a way to make it work. I would say that’s how the room came together.  I really didn’t settle and pieces were bought so awkwardly and without tons of planning.  And the outcome I am thrilled with!

Here are the details:

The old, very old, spindle bed was a craigslist find for maybe $60?  I can’t remember now.  The NAP pillows I made for cheap and only needed to buy one insert.  Although I bought fabric that was too white and was too impatient to wait to get different fabric, so I stained the fabric in tea, washed it and made them that night.  It was kind of fun. The fox pillow I love and was bought on Etsy.  The quilt is made by me!  Very proud.  It was inspired by this quilt off Etsy and the owner of the shop was so kind in sharing tips with me.  The nightstand was a great buy for only $15. I wanted something with more character but was swayed by the price. The artwork is mainly stuff I made, printed, or embroidered and already had the frames.  And the lamp is a Target purchase with an old shade I had and embellished.


Quilt was fun to make and look forward to making more!  Clay wants one and I want to make a girly one as well.


I had a hard time deciding on the back of the quilt because if I knew the sex I wanted something more gender specific so finding something neutral that I liked was hard, but when I saw the puppies I knew.  I liked the yellow and as much as I don’t like dogs, I thought this looked playful and old school.


Spindle bed: I added boards to the side and stained them to match.  Since I bought wood that wasn’t in perfect condition, it actually matches the bed really well.  It was worth the time.  Thanks to Paw-Paw for helping with all the details like that.  The boards are secured to the sides were a can trust kids using them to climb up on.


I feel like this owl may just tell me a story.  I loved him the moment I saw.  He was a Homegoods find and just was calling my name.  I may make him a vest or something soon.


Had just enough of this trim to add to the old lamp shade.  One day I bought tons of old sewing notions and what not off Craigslist for real cheap and it has ended up being a great buy.  This trim was in all of that stuff.


Lola colored a sweet picture for the baby.  She choose to draw a brown cow.


The crib is navy and I really like it.  It isn’t too big or too tall. It was the first thing we got when we found out we were pregnant again!  Thank you Wal-mart.  As much as I loved Lola’s cast iron crib, we all 3 never got along.  It was time for a fresh start.  This baby is going to love sleeping in a crib and not in my bed.  :)

028  031094

The frames I had and yellowed them up and added a fabric mat out of one of my favorite nursery fabrics in the room.  I will add the baby’s silhouette in one and sweet Bob Dylan lyrics Clay picked out in the other.  Still working on that.  Sweet Dreams cross stitch was an Etsy find. Hadn’t been able to find what I wanted at local antique stores. There is one piece of art I want still if the baby is a boy and a great Dallas store called “We are 1976.”  Maybe Nick will grab it for me while I am in the hospital if it’s a boy.  He knows how cool it is and how bad I want it.

Here’s a small quilt I made so I could practice before attempting the larger one.  Good idea.  And I love this one too. Hard not to love a quilt, especially when you are the one making it.  I really find sewing as great therapy for me.


This nook is fun and the chalkboard is a chalkboard screwed to the wall.  I didn’t want to paint directly onto the wall with chalkboard paint.  I think that was a good call.  The “Lucy” banner is made out of paper and easily switched if we choose a different name or have a boy! Lola loves this area and has lots of fun with the chalk.  It helps make the room more playful like I wanted and a little less nursery.  The chair I had already and matches a cute kids desk which is currently in the garage.  :(  The little black and brass table was $9 and I loved the style and shape.  Clay was excited because he thought it was for his record room and had to break it to him that the baby was getting it!

055     023

Reading nook and dresser:

The room has two separate closets side by side and decided to rip one out and put a new frame on it and turn it into a reading nook. Glad I did.

    016  011

004 - Copy (2)   089

The side of the dresser has a metal piece glued to it then covered in fabric so magnets can stick to it!  Lola loves this too. She is testing things out well for little sister/brother. The dresser I got for $30 and painted it (a few times actually).  And the heavy brass horse handles are my biggest splurge in the room being an Anthropologie purchase… I found them and fell in love and my dreams were crushed by such a ridiculously heavy price tag.  $45 a handle and had to be bought in pairs. At 36 weeks pregnant- I looked them up again just to drool over them and can you believe it?  Clearance!  I had them ordered and paid for in about five seconds.


I bought this old frame at an Estate Sale and printed out LOVE YOUR SISTER because regardless of gender this baby will have an older sister.  And Kebby says that doll is Lola.  The lamp which you can see in the reflection was one I had and the bottom had a natural opening so mom stuffed the wooden blocks in it.  Smart mom!

The book shelves are clear acrylic and I love them! They were so reasonable too! Most of the books we had from Lola. The back of the nook is fabric.  One of my favorites that they don’t make anymore. :( Much cheaper than wallpaper and easier.  It’s nailed up.  I sewed a small seam in the top and put a dowel through it and that’s how I started it straight and got by without needing another set of hands to help.  Although Lola was always around ready to help!  I couldn’t have done it without her.  She loves being in the baby room and of course is constantly playing with all the toys.  I just let her instead of trying to make her keep it clean for the baby so she doesn’t feel jealous.  I think it really helps.  Some things I tell her are for the baby, other items I tell her that’s hers and the baby’s and some things are just for her.


Thanks to Pinterest for some cute ideas including this saying:  “Crying is for babies. (Other Babies).”


The READ letters are chipboard covered in pages from a children’s book Kebby bought me from Goodwill.  It has the cutest pages in it and keeps coming in handy!


One of my favorite things in the room is this wooden alphabet set. After much searching, I found a wood worker on Etsy who made these for me and I stained them.  LOVE.  I knew I wanted these since I knew I was pregnant…. patience in finding them paid off.  Took hours of searching and a custom order but this man was very kind and fast and charged fairly.


Notice the 8 point stars on the wall?  My mom stenciled it on for me with a handmade stencil we made.  I knew I wanted this particular star in the room after falling in love with a pricey wallpaper that had the same star.  The plan was to wallpaper the ceiling, but the cost was too much for my thrifty self- luckily I am happy and love the ceiling color as well.  (The stars don’t show up as well with the flash but look great.)

087   091

083I really can’t believe the room finally has come together and not much left.  I don’t mind finishing the rest when the baby gets here either.  I may put up a sweet sheer style curtain if this baby is a girl and no curtains for a boy.  I need to find a cute rug to go in the chalkboard area.  There are some really cute ones, but gender specific so that will wait too.  Silhouette is sending me a new replacement blade and mat and I will make a name banner to replace the current “Lucy” one and may cut out the Bob Dylan lyrics for the frame above the crib.

The closet isn’t very well stocked, but of course there is a reason for that.  I bought the fabric drawers and organizer really cheap at Home Depot (half the price) thanks to the price match policy.  Love that.  Loved the yellow color too.  I am sure this closet will look very different in a just a few short weeks.  Can’t wait. Cloth diapers are washed and ready too!  I also have a few disposable because I heard some newborns can’t fit into cloth diapers just yet.  This baby seems huge so that may not be an issue- LOL.

I love decorating nurseries.  I would love to own a nursery store.  Can’t think of decorating that is more filled with love and dreams.  Sounds corny, but it’s so true. This was a fun challenge of gender neutral and I love it for a little boy or little girl.  And super excited my brass horse handles when on sale to complete the dresser.  Funny they cost 3xs the actual dresser? :)

Baby you are free to arrive at any minute now.  I am full term, your room is ready enough, and I am already dilated- let’s get this party started!


Alycia said...

I am completely blown away!!!! You are so talented. Your two children are blessed with a loving creative mom. Congrats and hope he or she comes soon!

secondsanctuary said...

Natalie, thanks so much for giving my shop (and me) inspiration credit for the quilt! You did a great job--with it and with the nursery!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!! Beautiful!!! Totally amazing you are!