Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Non-Shower” Baby Shower: LOL

So I didn’t want a baby shower this time around.  I am such a one-on-one type person and I had everything I needed for this baby so I thought it just didn’t make sense.  So my wonderful friends threw me a “non-shower” baby shower that was perfect.  It was GREAT and made the baby’s arrival feel much more real and close, which was needed!  We had a nice dinner at Breadwinners and just got to laugh and hang out!  Thanks Donna, Ginni, and Laura and everyone for coming!  It was so nice to take some time out to celebrate this baby’s arrival!

My group of friends and family that I love.


Aren’t these fun?  Everyone had one and got to take theirs home.  The one plant I can’t kill.  :)

049  047

Neutral wrappings!!  Thanks to everyone for my gifts!  I loved getting all the fun baby stuff!  Can’t believe I have gotten so used to the idea of neutral.  It’s fun people!  I recommend everyone not finding out the sex with at least one of their babies.  It isn’t as hard as people think it might be.


Why did I wear this shirt?  So unflattering… it used to be long enough to cover my entire butt and wear with leggings. 

Showers will be continuing to happen as Ginni is pregnant and Laura is happily dating and I think I could hear wedding bells…

057 059

This is the diaper bag I wanted so bad and a big thanks to Gram for making sure I had it and for all the goodies packed inside it.  I LOVE IT!  Fossil! It isn’t actually a diaper bag, but I have wised up with baby #2- it will be perfect.  Has little beetles on it.  LOL


Aunt Keb got me a cute boys outfit, a cute girls outfit and a great neutral chevron jammie.  Love it.


Mom knew I really wanted this baby to have a glow worm like Lola and I asked her to get a boy glow worm if it was indeed a boy while I was still in the hospital- so she was smart and got a girl and a boy so the glow worm would be ready for baby! Yay!

084 085

Also mom and dad bought us the monitor we really wanted.  I love video monitors thanks to Popper and Gram introducing us to the idea with Lola when we were trying to break co-sleeping.  Now I couldn’t do without it.  Lola still has hers so I got a new one for the baby!  Thanks again mom and dad!  It’s so insanely cool.  Like the Rolls Royce of monitors.  I know it will be used and appreciated daily and especially if it helps me refrain from putting this baby in our bed.

I feel so loved and blessed and can’t wait for the baby to make it’s big debut and meet everyone.  I already feel so connected to this baby and look forward to knowing if we are going to really outweigh Clay 3 to 1 or if we will tie it up 2 to 2.

Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us. We love you.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful shower!! Wish I was there to celebrate with you!
Looks like you are all ready to have the little one to show his face! Oops, I mistyped! :)