Sunday, April 8, 2012


Looks like we evened up the score around here: two girls and now two boys!

Oliver Steele Swartz

Born on 3/29 weighing in at 8 pounds 8 ounces and 20 3/4 long-

151 083

Oh my goodness- I can’t believe I have a ten day old baby BOY! And let me say, we all are smitten by him. Lola has been wonderful and can’t wait to go into detail on that, but thought I should at least put a blog post up announcing his arrival!  The picture above is pretty inaccurate of how he looks now, because he had a VERY bruised face and it was so swollen.  The doctors had to leave notes on his bassinet that he had a bruised face because swaddled he didn’t look like he was breathing.  :(  He is much better now and much more handsome. He stayed in the hospital a couple extra days and I stayed with him- which seemed like eternity- we have been glad to be home to say the least.

First family of four picture:


Here is one more picture and maybe the most precious one of all: Lola meeting Oliver for the very first time!  She was the first and only one allowed in the delivery room right after he was born, and her face and reaction was absolutely one of the sweetest and happiest moments of my life.  Clay and I are so glad to now have two children… and 10 days post partum, I must admit- I think we will be happy to have more.  Sibling love is so amazing to see and experience.


10 days old:

006 046

Detailed post to come.   :)

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