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Birth Story: Part 1

So at exactly 39 weeks, I went to the hospital to be induced late morning. Yippee! I already was a 2-3 cm dilated and 70-80% effaced.  (Can’t remember exact numbers) Clay and I took Lola to school that morning and packed up to head to the hospital.

One last picture pregnant.  I was so ready to be un-pregnant. :)

002 031

Everyone held off till later to come and mom picked Lola up from school and held on to her so she didn’t have a long day at the hospital!  Laura came early and was my photographer for the day.  Thanks to mom for allowing me to have a peace of mind about Lola that day and Laura for spending the day behind the camera.


Mom and Lola arrived just in time apparently because they came to say hi, then I got checked and was complete!  Oops- glad they had a “feeling” to go ahead and come up to the hospital.  I felt a lot of cramping before they got there so they upped my epidural, but apparently the cramping was pressure and I definitely regretted upping the epidural because I hate making my legs so numb.  Baby was born around 5:30 p.m. and at 1 a.m. I still couldn’t completely walk.

My Lola coming to see me before the baby was born!  She was so big and brave that day.

016 029DSC_1828

Before epidural: I remember Clay asking Laura why she was taking photos and I remember thinking I didn’t care what anyone was up to.  It was time to have this baby. My water as broke and contractions started strong. I only had Pitocin at a level 6.  Didn’t need much!

DSC_1808 DSC_1820


My signs were ready and Clay and I were ready to find out the sex and meet this little one!

033 037

Push Time!  I pushed through two contractions and was like 8 minutes long. Insanely fast-so fast- it didn’t even seem real.  Did I just have a baby?  The room was calm, very few people, and the doctor that ended up delivering me was awesome and just seemed like an old friend.  It was nothing like my labor and delivery experience with Lola. Maybe around 5-6 hours long- including pushing.  I believe if I didn’t induce, baby would have been here soon still.  My doctor left for two important meetings but said I would go fast.

Notice these first two pictures? Men do have it much easier ;)

042  056

Clay seeing the “parts” and announcing it’s a BOY!


I was speechless really.  I remember just being thankful the baby was born and seemingly healthy.  I think I wasn’t quite prepared for the baby to be born so fast and felt like my brain and heart had to catch up to reality.  Birth is such an amazing experience and I feel so certain there is a God and Creator in that moment.


Dad took care of first diaper!


Our nameless boy had a VERY bruised face as you can see.  They seemed a little concerned and took him and then I heard them talking over him about his facial bruising.  I remember asking them questions from my bed.  I knew when I saw him again cleaned off that he didn’t look anything like his “real” self.  He changed so much each day as his bruising went away and his face started becoming less swollen.  Why so bruised?  He came out way too fast and with his head titled back. Not fun.  Lola was bruised too but all on the side of her face and neck.  My poor kids.



Chit Chattin’ over names.


Realizing we had no clue on his name.  We wanted to take a couple days and see what he looked like.  Best decision ever.  For this reason alone, I love that we waited to find out the sex.  I had to let the idea this was a boy sink in and then think up names.  Oliver wasn’t on out list and really came about because we thought he looked like an Oliver 100%.  We decided his name at 2 a.m. and then slept on it.


Proud parents and we were ready to bring in Lola to let her meet her little brother.

130 145

Laura handed me a few make-up products and a hairbrush and then visiting time… things move so quickly.


Lola was the happiest child alive in that moment.  But she asked “why is she a boy?”  Laughing.  That question was asked a lot actually and we talked a lot about it.  She loved him from the moment she met him (really before then) but had to work through the boy part.


We are talking about the fact she was a he.

186 188 

First family of 4 picture… Lola holding the sign…

196 199

And here comes the paparazzi, aka family.

210 217


Baby two is more emotional than baby one because you have all these new feelings of love for this little baby you have created along with all the old memories of the first baby you created.  Such an emotionally happy time.


A big thanks to Nonna for taking care of Lola so I didn’t worry about her.  Meant a lot and I love you mom! It was weird not having you with me while I labored but Lola was so happy and at peace that day. That was most important to me along with delivering a healthy baby (by Lola’s bedtime)… check, check, check. :)


Part 2 coming up- hospital stay and pictures!  It was extended by two days, which I, nor Lola, was prepared for and not happy about, but tried to be thankful everything was okay in the big picture. Oliver had jaundice, but a more serious type… our blood types aren’t compatible and facial bruising set him up immediately for it.  They said it would more than likely be an issue with future babies.  He was on lights for three days.  They seemed to last forever, especially since Clay went home to be with Lola day 3 and 4.  More to come a long with cutie pie pictures.

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Thank you Natalie for sharing all about the birth. I really wanted to know the details but everyone seemed so busy I didn't bother talking to long. I know you have had your hands full. Oliver is so handsome!! I'm so happy it was a easy delivery as deliveries go....You are very brave!! I was able to see who all was at the hospital and wished I could have been there too. What a great Momma you are and thank you again for posting so much for me to read. I really enjoyed it all! Much love to all of you. Meme'