Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Sleeping Routine

So as you know already Lola is a perfect angel except when it comes to falling asleep.  I made the mistake of not moving her to her crib and keeping her in her own room and so she has gotten very use to sleeping with me and having me rock her to sleep.  Now that she is bigger, rocking is such a struggle and as badly as she may want me to rock her, she also can’t get comfortable.  At school she lays on a mat and falls asleep with a teacher laying next to her… so…

Now we are putting that to practice and using that information as a way to remind me she can learn a new routine.  To her bed she goes… for naps and bedtime.  Today was the first day to start it and naptime was a bit of a struggle and I ended up putting her in her pack-n-play when she wouldn’t just lay down with me in her bed.  She fought it for 20 minutes like crazy, so I let her cry for 5-10 minutes in her pack-n-play.  After getting her out, I asked her “Lola, would you like to lay down with Momma in your own bed?”  I got a pitiful nod yes and so she did!  After ten minutes or so she was sound asleep.  

I am hoping that tonight goes smoother now that she knows what the objective is from earlier today.  I thought having these next few nights to ourselves would help make the routine stay really consistent and easier.  So wish us luck tonight and better yet, pray.  I am really hoping I can get her sleeping in her bed and make bedtime a less stressful time.  And in due time, hopefully, I can get her to do this by herself, but just this alone would be wonderful progress. 


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Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

Stay consistent and she will do fine! Each day will get a little better. You will have a few bumps in the road, but those are the days to remember to be consistent! In a few months, you will thank yourself for doing this now!