Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yea.  Yea.  -You guys are going to think I am the meanest mom around- but if you have the sweetest little girl in the world who refuses bed time for 18 consecutive months now- you may just have done the same thing. 

Lola and I have been working on falling asleep in her bed!  For her naps- she has gotten it down!  In fact, she’s a pro!  Ten minutes tops and I am out of there and she sleeps pretty good for 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.  BUT bed time still is a struggle.  Some nights Clay and I spend over two hours trying to get her to fall asleep.  She typically lays still, just won’t let her eyes close.  So one night after it had been too long laying there I left the room and told her good night.  Of course she didn’t stay in the bed and she laid down at her door and screamed.  So what was I to do?  Run in there and rescue my poor, poor baby… or…. get out my camera since the gap is big enough to sneak a picture!   I do feel bad for her,  but at the same time she has to learn to fall asleep- poor Clay didn’t learn until… well- now!  Haha!


After this, she did fall asleep.  We only let her cry for a few minutes- it typically makes the point clear she needs to close her eyes!  :)  The last two nights I have rocked her though.  I know- so bad, but nights were getting harder and harder instead of better. 

Gram gave Lola this huge Elmo that is flat and like a pillow- well he saves me.  When Lola falls asleep I use him to replace me and she just snuggles up on him… just think y’all- that Elmo used to be me all night long!  Aghhhh!  And Lola’s poor hair- she has got Nonna hair for sure… it gets all wild and crazy especially when she sleeps just like Nonna’s crazy fro.  Some morning I don’t even have to comb mine.  Poor thing. 


So Nonna was so kind to get Lola an Elmo costume for Halloween- but I wasn’t sold… and I thought she may be obsessed with taking it off so she could see him…I saw this costume at Marshalls several times and just loved it.  Finally gave in to get it and think it will be perfect for her school parade next week.  It came with the black and white striped outfit so she can just take the pumpkin off and has a little pajama set or something!  I asked the school to double check on if Lola’s class dresses up or not and she said yes!  Mom sent Kebby to school dressed up in western wear when she was little and of course, it was the wrong day!  Hahaha!  I hope to never do that to Lola! 



She would look in the mirror over and over… she refused to take this costume off so I let her wear it for hours that day!

Her hair is so long in the back.  It doesn’t match the front and I keep thinking about cutting it- but probably won’t. 


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