Monday, October 25, 2010

Lola, Lola, Lola

Lola is dead asleep, like this.  Seriously it can take hours to get her asleep and some times the sound of an ant crawling outside will wake her- and then there are these bazaar times that she actually sleeps “like a baby.”  (Another pair of pajama pants made by me!)


Lola saying her night, night prayers!  Haha!  We do say our prayers, but not like this.  But a funny picture ;)


I think Lola has a baby strut.  So confident, as she should be.  And yep, more pajama pants… I am addicted!


Love the first picture and the second is her showing off the truth of her shirt.  ;)

001 003

Lola is seriously way too big now!  How does this happen right under my nose?


Being funny and sweet!

021  024



And cleaning… we are working on learning to clean our messes and it’s really starting to work now.  I say an article saying at this exact age they start to learn organizing and cleaning skills!  Haha- love that!


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