Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So excited I could scream!

But if I did I would be an idiot because I have a baby sleeping soundly with little effort! 

So we talked about sleeping in Lola’s bed for nap time before the time came so she was prepared.  We went to the pond and walked this morning then grabbed CFA to go and came home to eat and take a nap.  I was scared if I let her eat at CFA she would fall asleep on the way home and that’s what I normally do, but I know I needed to keep her use to falling asleep in her bed (for now).  So after lunch we went to her room where it was semi-dark and I just left the lights off, changed her diaper, and asked her to get in bed.  The whimper started and she was trying to leave the room, but I sweetly explained that we could lay in her bed or she could go to the pack-n-play so she walked over to her bed and we said our naptime prayers (which really, really helps her settle down for some reason… I mean I know prayers should, but at her age, it’s funny.  I think it’s just routine.)  So after that we laid down and she got comfortable and ten minutes later she was sound asleep.  I used to lay or hold her for awhile until I thought she was good and asleep, but now I try and get up as soon as she is sleeping.   I also don’t let her play with my hair near as much… that may be our biggest battle.  But ya for Lola!  I hope she stays asleep for two hours today instead of 1.5 yesterday. 

Also, last night she fell out of her bed at 12:30 and landed on some pillows (6 inch fall) and stayed asleep.  Haha.  But I put her back in bed.  Then at 1:30 a.m. I woke to Lola standing on the side of my bed, so I let her in.  I probably should have gotten back in bed with her, but one thing at a time.  If we can start off in her bed then I am happy camper for awhile.  Plus I am not good in the middle of the night- I so need my sleep.  Looks like Clay and I are switching sides of the bed, pretty big deal.  But he sleeps on the side closest to the door and I am scared Lola will scare him to death approaching him in the middle of the night, so we switched.   Haha- it’s weird to think your kids could be wandering the house in the middle of the night and you have to now think, “Is this a robber or my kids?”  Haha… Before you would obviously know it’s a robber.  My dad has mistaken Nick as a robber or something of the sort when we were in high school.  Nick was chasing me upstairs saying he was going to cut my hair so he was running around with scissors and so I ran into mom and dad’s room saying “He’s going to get me!  He’s going to get me!”  And dad jumped up, shoved me out of the way, and about took Nick down.  Hahaha- we couldn’t stop laughing then he was mad.  I wish we had that video.  Oh man…  We were are so silly.

Well I need to go be productive while she naps! :)

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