Friday, October 22, 2010

In all it’s glory…


Dear Brother Project Runway PC-420 Sewing Machine,

I was so excited to see you arrive last week and quite anxious to see what you were made of.  Although I have been desiring you for some time now, I was a bit intimated once I had you.  It took me awhile before testing the waters, and once I did I found myself confused and wondering if you were right for me- but after some alone time with you, I know now you are perfect.  

You and I will have a great life together and to start us off on the right note- let’s get comfy… real comfy.  Can you say Pajama Pants??? 




Picture Time:

So Lola and I went venturing off to our weekly fabric stores (it’s becoming a serious addiction) and Lola and I were just strolling down  the aisles and I hear “Nonkey” so I look and there is this cute monkey fabric and I was so impressed she recognized the monkey that I thought: I could make cute pajama pants for her.  I have been wanting to do this thanks to Prudent Baby (always worth checking out!) so I thought why not now!!!   She does seem to have preferences at the fabric store, which I love.  She can get a mini sewing machine in like 6 more years.  :)

040 027 030 039 044

Also made Christmas ones too!  And there’s plenty more fabric to make more flannel (although those are cotton) pajamas.  I am so proud!  And so is Lola.  I think she got that I used that fabric and turned it into pants.  Basically, she thinks I am magic.005 006

And this is random- but I have Lola an apple without peeling the skin or slicing it and she carried it around and at everything but this.  Gross, but kind of amazing. 



~Laura~ said...

the third pic of her in the monkey pants.. totally looks like kebby!!!
love all the cute pj's.. you'll need to teach me.. one day.. haha!!
go you! :)

oh, and we love ours! :)

Anonymous said...

Love those pj's!! There could be no cuter model!!

*Courtney* said...

Maybe one day I can get one of those fancy sewing machines and you can teach me how to use it! :) Great job on the jammies.

Jillian Knutson said...

"Sew" Cute!!! You are one talented girl!!