Thursday, October 28, 2010

What, we’re moms?

So Clay got some much needed time off and a little dose of mom duties too.   He took Lola to school so he got the house to himself for most of the day then he picked her back up from school.  I think it confused her a little, but I am sure it was a nice change for both of them.  Here they are early this morning getting ready for school!


Laura and I headed out to First Monday to scoop out the “back side” of Canton.  It’s like great garage sales, one after another.  Don’t get me wrong- there is tons of junk- but little cheap treasures make it so much fun to go through.  And thanks to my  mom, we were introduced to the embarrassing scooters that actually are genius.  Since we went on Thursday which is typically a slower day, we scooted all around and amazingly saw just about everything there- too bad is was pretty jammed pack.  We had a blast though… And Laura’s scooter rental was her birthday present!  Haha!  It sounds lamer than it was- because we had such a good time all day!

Carole was in town and so I got to spend time with her too- and I just lover her.  It’s so hard to spend so much time with her because it makes me just wish she lived next door again.  And we certainly missed MG on this trip.  I can’t imagine how much more we would have been laughing if she was here!


Laura and I were so busy scootin’ and shoppin’ we didn’t have time nor money to waste on an extravagant lunches- so we split a funnel cake.  Delicious.



Don’t make fun or be a hater!




Carole missing in action on her individual shot… lol

Laura and I trying to be gangsta’ but we couldn’t quit laughing…


Laura’s amazing quilt she got for a great deal… perfect for Aubrey’s big girl room one day.


And adorable sham to go with it for $2!!! And it fell out of her basket and the sweetest woman tracked us down to give it to us!  How nice is that!


And note to MG: Can you believe that Lola doesn’t like Mexico Chiquita Cheese Dip?  I decided to be nice and share and she takes a lick and hands it back to me…


And I should take a picture of Lola’s pumpkin she painted at school.  Soooo cute.  When I got home she just loved on me and it was so sweet.  She kept saying something to me and I couldn’t tell what she was saying- and turns out later I realized she was saying pumpkin! I guess she was trying to tell me what she did at school because it’s normally what she tells me when I pick her up and I always go on and on about her artwork… what a cutie pie. 

Looking forward to a fun, busy weekend- lots of plans!

Happy Early Birthday to Laura! :)

P.S.  1/2 my Christmas shopping is done ;)  Fabulous or what?  And it’s not from Canton- hehehe. 


Carole said...

Loved hanging with you and Laura. Of course my favorite was when Lola held my hand and showed me her room.....and the spilling of the M&M's. :) She is too precious wish we lived closer too. Love you!

Mary Grace said...

That makes me want to cry...I am so sad I wasn't there!!! I am so glad y'all had a fun time. I am really sad I missed those crazy ladies on those scooters...haha!! Hope I can see y'all soon!! Tell Lola I love her!!