Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Lovebug

Lola’s cute Valentine shirt is from Walmart! I just loved it and bought it awhile back… perfect for Heart Day.



How do you teach your child to naturally pose and naturally smile? Hahahahaha


At school they are learning the shape heart, so she is pointing out her heart on her shirt!


I love this picture of my two favorite people… well most of the time.  My mom went to top of the list again when she stayed over on Tuesday for almost 5 hours fixing our backed up kitchen drain.  No plumber bill for us!  A praise and a big-fat-mom-of-the-year-award to mom.  Did you know Draino will burn your skin real bad- just look at my mom’s hand! Sad smile  Back to the cute-o picture… 055

Gram and Popper came to visit last night and Gram informed us Lola is an iTot.  Haha… a toddler who is iPad efficient.   She definitely has mastered using her pointer finger!




Such a smart girl!  I think I need a new post about all the things I love about Lola right now and maybe a post about all the crazy things she can do too! 

Oh and did I ever mention Valentine’s being good minus the plumbing problem that night?  :)  This is what my sweet husband got me for Valentine’s Day… I specially requested it weeks before and a great friend might have slipped him a hint again ;)

Right up my alley! Thanks babe! Well gotta get dinner going for the FOURTH consecutive night!  Woo-hoo!

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