Thursday, February 17, 2011

Allergy Smallergy…


My tight-budgeted self splurged for the sake of Lola’s allergy-crazed self.  I have pretty much determined that she is allergic or has extreme sensitivity to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which is in tons of things including soaps, detergents, lotions, make-up, etc… The bath always seems to flare up the itchy skin and hives which even her most sensitive soaps I had purchased still had SLS.  As well as her lotions, toothpaste, and detergent despite the label “hypoallergenic.”  So I went on a hunt for SLS-free soaps.  Here is what I found and what I think:


Waska Herbatergent is amazing for being SLS-free!  It smells wonderful and yet has no fragrance.  Some things I found that were SLS-free still had fragrances added which isn’t good for children with such sensitive skin, so I figured if I am going to dish out the cash, I want the one that will provide Lola with the most relief.  This detergent gets 5 stars for sure.





Okay now on to Burt’s Bees… I definitely have a new found appreciation for this company.  Most of their soaps and products are SLS-free which is amazing!  I went with the SLS-free and fragrance free soaps as well and have noticed an immediate difference in the bathtub.  NO HIVES and way less itching, if any.  (Lola wants Burt’s Bees for her birthday… Just what she said to me the other night…) :)


I also bought the Baby Bee Oil and I LOVE it!  I seriously want a bottle for me, but for now it’s all Lola’s and seems to really help moisturize her skin.  For the first time in a long time her skin feels like baby skin… so soft and smooth.  I have been putting this on her after her bath, but it can also go in her bath.  Burt’s Bees also makes a bubble bath soap for baby’s that I love because now Lola can have a bubble bath that doesn’t cause hives, itching- just a lot of fun with bubbles in the tub!

And I told you guys about and here are Lola’s new diapers.  I really like them and considering they are pretty much the same price, even cheaper than normal diapers when caught on sale- I would say they are worth it for sure!

SLS takes the moisture out of your skin then companies add things to soaps and lotions that puts moisture back in your skin.  Well children with eczema obviously have a problem with dry skin, so something that removes even more moisture, creates a reaction that doesn’t seem pleasant.  I am glad to finally find some products that should help for awhile and hopefully Lola grows out of this or at least isn’t so sensitive. 

You think all this itchy skin would make her cranky but nope.  She is one happy girl- although the Terrible Twos is creeping up on us fast. 


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