Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The First Bad Behavior Note

Lola is definitely learning so much lately, but one thing she picked up is pushing.  Lola got her first bad behavior note from school this week.  I told her it made mommy sad and we talked about things that are sweet like hugging, sharing, and being kind.  She knew that I was referring to her getting in trouble at school.  039

Clay hung on to Lola for the night so I could go out with Laura and asked Lola what she did it school thinking she would say “play” or show him her artwork hanging on the refridge, but she told him  “push.”  Time-out is being extended to two full minutes to try and reinforce the point that pushing is bad.  I think she kind of likes time-out so the pushing thing is a game.  She playfully pushes me so she can sit in time-out, but then I make her sit longer than she intended and it isn’t as funny to her all of a sudden. Ha! 

It’s funny how babies become toddlers and you really start seeing their true personalities form.  It’s so weird because Lola is a crazy girl at home or with close friends and family, but as soon as I get her in a large group of people she isn’t around much and want attention from her- she refuses.  She’ll hide or just ignore the people.  It’s so weird to think she has a shy side too.

Lola got ahold of my boots and thoroughly enjoyed walking around the house in them!  I can’t believe she got them on all by her self and managed to stand up.




I love that Lola is a mommy’s girl.  Her sleeping is a little better as she falls asleep in her own bed while I lay with her… it takes on average 35 minutes.  I am looking forward to it taking 10 someday Smile Still not making it in her bed all night, but I’ll take what I can get.  Lately she seems to refuse to wear her diaper yet won’t pee on the potty so maybe I outta just put her in some panties and she realize she can’t go in them and be willing to use the potty.  I still am not in a huge hurry but apart of her seems really ready- if I can just get her to feed the fishies.  (I told her we go to the bathroom and it flushes to the ocean to feed Nemo!) Bauhahahahahaha.

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Nonna said...

I don't think pushing is a bad behavior :) She might be taking up for herself! I have never seen her act bad! Spoken by a true NONNA!