Saturday, February 12, 2011

I decided to jump on board with today to save some money on expensive diapers I was wanting to try out for Lola.  Since her sensitivity level seems to be stronger now than ever, I thought I would try hypoallergenic diapers to see if it helps with the scratching at night.  They are more expensive so I took advantage of offering 30% off diapers for 3 months plus free shipping!  I ended up getting a deal!  And they gave me a code for my friends to use that will get you 15% off your total!  (The 30% is off diapers and 15% off the rest of the site!)  

Here is the code: NAT.7931

If anyone enters my code, then I get more savings too and you will as well!  It’s amazing!

This site is a great site and I can’t believe I just now started using it!  I think I will always buy diapers this away now!  It will make the normal ones I buy much cheaper.     

Thought I would share! 

P.S. I want to push potty training hoping the soft underwear will be less itchy for Lola.  Next week I may stick her in some normal underwear and make consistent trips to the bathroom with her.  I challenged myself not to spend any money for the month of February and so far I have done great!  So with potty training being my main focus at home next week, it should keep me on track with my money goal. 

P.S.S.  Thanks Carole for praying for Lola- mom said it was your new prayer!  After all the reading I have been doing so many of her symptoms and reactions seem to really overlap and make more sense now.  Looking forward to seeing the specialist in April. 

P.S.S.S. If anyone has grandkids at a distance I think this is a great gift. Order diapers and have them shipped directly to their house.  Gift wrap is an option too!  Let’s face it- us moms will take diapers over anything else!  ;)

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