Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love. And more randomness…

Look at Lola carrying this little “doggie.”  He’s so precious and real.  He kind of looks fake.  I am not a dog lover, but this picture makes me love Lola more and want to take that little dog home with me.  Hi Rudy.  His name: Rudy DelDonno


Lola doesn’t actually carry this dog around all the time.  She says “No doggie, knee” and “No doggie, shoes” and “No doggie, feet” because he follows her around and she likes to tell him, “No!”  It’s pretty humorous.  I think I have a video somewhere of this. 

Lola also had hives all over her face when I picked her up, so I hope she isn’t allergic to dogs.  This dog is hypo-allergenic or whatever that is called and she doesn’t seem worse when around Murphy, so no telling what it was.  Soon enough she will go see the allergist our pediatrician recommended.  These daily hives are getting ridiculous.


Nonna finally replaced Pudge who passed last year.  She got a look alike then we joked when Nick died we had a look alike lined up to replace him.  Haha

Speaking of Nick, we had a moment when talking about a  garage sale I will be having in the near future. I had just told Nick I was not having a garage sale the upcoming weekend.   Here it is:



And let’s go ahead and talk about Kebby too:

She has finally got into thrifting.  She found this lamp at her local Goodwill for $5.  Very proud of her and glad to know I am rubbing off my better qualities on her.  Smile  What a deal!



Also Kebby has now started a blog- she soon will post her first post and I can’t wait to read it!  So glad she is diving in! 


Speaking of thrifting:  I’ve been up to a lot lately for little.

Is potential screaming from this cabinet or what?  You may think not or ideas may already be rolling out of your brain like mine- and I love how it turned out.  I’ll show that later!  It’s super cute- prepare yourself!  Oh and I got this solid piece for twenty some odd dollars.  It’s heavy and sturdy.  A++




To be shown later :) 

I think you’ll love it.

And if you don’t I don’t care ;)

Mom use to say “if you love it, that’s all that matters”

She wouldn’t say that now especially when decorating, but I’ve held on to that saying for good.  Ask Lisa about her elephants and Lord knows what else she had to sell at my last garage sale.  Her love for them didn’t win.  Haha- way to go mom!


Kebby- are you glad I posted?  Finally. 

P.S.  Tomorrow is day 3 of being iced in.  No school for Lola, no work for Clay, and no sanity for me!   ;)

Tomorrow’s to do list: sew, sew, sew and take pictures to post!

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Anonymous said...

Natalie, I'm happy you posted too!! Please don't die Nick as there is NO replacement for you. Love the puppy! Love Lola!!!
Uh oh, I believe I see a changing table! I always loved having one of those so I didn't have to bend over so much. Love you, meme'