Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Carole and MG:

I finally figured out why you crazy girls called my mother thinking I was pregnant… that statement is referring to my big backyard reveal!  It’s almost done and I can’t wait to show pictures!  We completely redid it! 

Don’t you two know I will come up with a way better way to let ya know when I am preggers again!  Laughing.  But Lola really does need a little brother or sister soon, right???   :)  

Come see us!  Wish I was with mom right now! 



Mary Grace said...

Oh gosh!!! I really thought you were pregnant!!! HA! The way you worded it I was convinced you were! Hopefully Lola will have a little brother or sister soon! Can't wait to see the backyard! Hope y'all are doing good! Sure miss y'all lots!! Love you both very much!

Casey & Lauren Coats said...

This is funny because I told Casey I thought you were pregnant after reading that, too! Haha!

Carole said...

Oh dang was ready for another little one!!! Soon I hope. :) Missed you today. I will take pics of what we did and show you. Plan a trip soon. I miss you and Lola. Your mom showed me the funniest picture of her today. Your dad was on the table at the lake house and she didn't like it!!!! Cracked me up. Kisses and hugs to all. Love you.

Casey & Lauren Coats said...

hey where did you get your rocking chair for Lola's room? I wanted a glider/ottoman, but am running out of room in the nursery and thought your rocking chair seemed a good size.