Wednesday, January 19, 2011


This year has been off to a bit of a rough start…

Lola just has battled getting well on and off again several times and finally seems good EXCEPT for her sleeping.  It’s way off.  Naptimes are okay but bedtime is brutal… the worst it’s ever been.  Stays up late, wakes up during the night for hour stretches, goes back to sleep around 7 or 8 a.m. and sleeps till 10 a.m. which then sets an off mood all day. 

BUT other than that things really are fabulous and I am greatly looking forward to this year.  And a note to my dad… I am not looking forward to the next year yet.  He would be pleased.  He always told me to quit wishing it were later in life… but this is the time I always wished it was and now that it is here I can see why.  I love it. 

Nick started this 2o11 Crush It thing.  I think that is what he is calling it.  But you are suppose to commit to giving up something and adding something.  A couple of weeks ago I finally figured out what would be good for me to give up and it requires discipline-which is a lot of the point.  Discipline is good.  I am giving up my nightly, yep nightly, bowl of cereal which normally means Fruit Loops with Marshmallows.  Seriously that stuff can’t be good for you when eaten every day.  It’s been hard.  It’s some addiction I have, along with my dad.  I enjoy having something to be disciplined over so this has already been rewarding.  I think 2011 Crush It started from Clay crushing 2010.  He does get the reward for 2010 Beast Mode.  Maybe that’s what it’s called: 2011 Beast Mode.  Anyways… more of a guy thing…

I want to work out more too,  but it’s hard with a baby.  I enjoy the Wii Fit but don’t feel like it does what running would do for me.  Have you seen what it has done for my husband?  Wow… he looks great.  I think for my birthday I may try to get a collection of money so I can buy this treadmill at Walmart.  Should be good for both Clay and I and it has been recommended to me through friends who have it.  I know I would love having it.  Why do I think of these things after Christmas?  Haha…

So I am really proud of Kebby from making it through her roller coaster day yesterday.  It’s so hard at the age of 18 to know what you want to do, where you want to be, and how you want to go about it all.  Some lucky ones seem to have it figured out but most don’t.  Looks like she may be going to the Dallas Art Institute next year which I am totally jealous over.  What an amazing college experience that will be and I can’t imagine the jobs it will open up for her.  Seems like lots of fun.  Nick and I are really encouraging this and even mom wants to sign up for classes… now that’s crazy.  :)

Let’s see if I have any pictures from this year…

Aubrey and Lola finally got to exchange Christmas presents!   Lola got a great Elmo potty book and an ABC puzzle made out of foam!



Little play time…


Hugs are always good…


Sharing is wonderful too…


Like most of my guests, Aubrey loves coming over to chill.


For once, they aren’t both starring at the same thing…


Peaceful doesn’t last long…


Hahaha… just love these girls.  What great pictures they will  have by the time they are 16. 

January has been a slow picture month. 

I stopped to take pictures of Lola eating a real bowl of cereal… we must have been bored.




Well that’s it.  Kebby and I had the great idea to take Lola to the Dallas Aquarium (actually this was Laura’s idea from way back… sorry girl) and we went!  Nonna came too- which funny story behind that… separate post for this.


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