Sunday, January 23, 2011

36 Hour Progress- Better sleep and with no paci…

Guess what?

Great news- it may seem small but it’s something to celebrate in the Swartz home, even if it doesn’t last… fingers crossed and praying hard. 

Lola has been much easier the last couple of nights at night time AND WITH NO PACI!  We got to have a fun bunkin’ party (for those Texans who don’t know what that means = sleepover) with Nonna Friday night since Ba was out of town and Kebby came home from school to join us… well I think she came home to go on a first, pretend second, date but anyhow she joined us! 


And as Lola said “Aunt Kekky’s Home!” 

Lola was Nonna’s little shadow so I just tried to enjoy the time while she wasn’t my little shadow and didn’t bother trying to put her down… so about midnight she finally quit playing and snuggled up in the big chair with me to go “night, night.”  She asked for her paci, which I forgot, and just explained we didn’t have it.  So within minutes she fell asleep!  Yayaya! Granted it was after 12 but anyhow no one put up a struggle or cried.  Greatness. 

So the next day, back at home, I told her to climb up on the sofa for her nap and she asked for her paci so I just thought maybe last night was the perfect beginning for getting rid of it.  (She only wants it when she’s ready to sleep.)  So I told her big girls don’t need pacis and snuggled up with her and minutes later, asleep!  She sleep for almost 3 hours too!  I think that had something to do with staying up so late the night before! And then last night, I fell asleep on the couch and eventually she decided she was tired and crawled up with me to fall asleep on her own with no paci.  And nap today, she didn’t even ask for her paci and laid down on the couch by herself and almost fell asleep so I joined her and she quickly fell asleep.  So I hurried up to go gather all the pacis in the house so I could hide them away.  I was scared if she found one she would remember it! Ha!  I have found 12 pacis!  Can you believe that!  Crazy!

So hopefully this means bye-bye paci (which I am pretty sure it does) and hello better sleeping (which I am pretty sure it doesn’t)… but only time will tell us!

Actually the couch seems to work great with Lola, but we are about to put a twin bed in her room to give her a little more wiggle room while she sleeps and also so we can lay down with her (me or Clay) and help her fall asleep.  She really MUST learn to sleep in her bed, in her room- through the night and during naps.  I think she is more ready than she has been- so hopefully we can have more success this time. 



These cute light-weight flannel sheets are on clearance for $4.98 at Target!  I was so thrilled to find cheap, yet soft sheets I bought her two sets and another for Aubrey… leaving one behind.  Target Online has some cute ones with different prints, yet not the low price tag.  Sad. 


Aren’t these animal ones cool?  Love the colors.

They also had stripes, polka dots, stars, plaids, etc… Wonder if other Targets have the other prints on clearance… oh man, I am such a sucker for sheets! 

Well hopefully in  another week I can report in on some more improvement with Lola Lou.  I must not lie, I would be happy if it just stayed the same… as long as we don’t go backwards. 


When did you put your toddler in a

big bed and expect them to stay in

it throughout the night and

especially while falling asleep?

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