Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy again.

I love Etsy.  And I agree with my mom that it is fun to purchase off of it thinking you are supporting a stay at home mom or just someone following their passion.  I bought something too cute for Aunt Kebby but of course can’t show you since it would ruin the surprise factor for her… but I can show you this adorable necklace Kebby’s best friend, Emily, has on her Etsy store (EMbroiders).  I fell in love with it, but one problem-  I don’t really wear jewelry.  I kind  of just want it to hang on the wall and look at- so I thought I would share it since it’s so cute.  February is national Embroidery month so why not enjoy an embroidered necklace!

Embroidered flower necklace

Oh but I did get this… I am pretty much addicted to the cute ones…Lovely Vintage  Embroidery Sampler


*Courtney* said...

I love love love Etsy too! I bet that Lola would look good wearing that necklace... :)

Kebby said...


Emily Vinson said...

Thanks for mentioning my etsy!! I'm glad you like my necklace! And that cross stitch is so awesome