Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dog Allergy

So Lola’s list of allergies is getting longer and longer… the latest is DOGS!  That cute little dog I showed you guys a couple weeks ago my parents got- well, bad news for Rudy.  Lola is allergic… we wondered if it was a newer allergy so took her by to see Murphy and boom- hives too.  We see an allergy doctor in April since the list is getting a bit long and to see what all this means.

This is a glimpse at what your child may look like if she or he is allergic to something… this was taken with my phone, but the hives are whelped up and have weird dots in them like she has been bitten and I could outline each hive with a marker.  They definitely bothered her unlike her normal hives.  They started spreading down her body, but thankfully the Benadryl kicked in and they went away.  We tried 3 different times with Rudy and all 3 times, hives appeared within 30 minutes of contact with him.  Same with Murphy.


Looking forward to seeing the Allergist and getting his thoughts on all of this.  So far Lola is allergic to Peanuts and we believe Amoxicillin, some other medications, and maybe eggs…

I was talking to the allergy nurse today and she just recommended Lola staying away from anything that would cause her hives and said that she may have to have blood work instead of the prick test because it seems she has the same type of hives I have which would make the prick test read positive either way.

Sad smile

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Shelly said...

Poor baby! I am allergic to shellfish - but mine didn't start until I was an adult. My allergist told me that children allergies can get better and some will completely go away - but adult allergies get worse. So...maybe this will all fade away on it's own time. Let us know!