Thursday, February 10, 2011

Potty Training and Bedtime

Potty Training in progress- well kind of.  She hates wearing a dirty diaper, she knows the jar of M&M’s in her bathroom is for “tee-tee on potty” only, she will taker her diaper off unless you put pants on her, and she wakes up with dry diapers… but she won’t handle her business on the potty yet.  So maybe not quite yet- pretty soon I am going to commit to a 3 day weekend of potty training her and just stick her in some big girl Elmo panties.  I have heard a lot of success stories with this.  I’ll wait just a couple more months though.  No point if she isn’t ready.  That will be amazing though when we aren’t buying diapers every other day!  :)  


So bedtime was going better and Lola was falling asleep faster without being rocked but the last few nights have been awful again.  I think with the snow schedule we got lazy and slept in one too many days.  So I think I will start waking her up early every morning now so she will go down easier at night.   Starting tomorrow!  If the weather wasn’t so cold we could get up and go exercise- oh treadmill- I hear you calling my name :)  Why is everything on my wish list right now so expensive?  013

A glimpse of Lola’s big girl bed!

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*Courtney* said...

Girl, I feel ya on the expensive stuff! Our treadmill broke down and now we need a new one. I have been really missing it with all the snow days and super cold weather...