Thursday, February 14, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter...

Unfortunately it is official. I have become like my mother... the bad and the good. I had a breakdown moment with her Sunday that she enjoyed very much.

With my husband being away on a fun camping trip I decided not to spend Sunday cleaning and doing laundry. I went over to mom's to chill by the pool knowing I had made a better decision of what to do with my day. Cleaning... Sun bathing??? Hmmmm....

I showed up and headed straight to the pool when my mother was already out there with the same idea. I was glad to have company and a little tickled to think we both choose to enjoy the sun that day. We enjoyed a good drink (her 1 diet coke a day and my fabulous crystal light) and really didn't have a concern in the world until I looked down and noticed we were wearing the same toenail polish... I thought oh my goodness. I looked at her puzzled, thinking I can't believe we picked the same color at which I then realized we were both wearing the same designer glasses, which we both knew we good and well bought at Marshalls or maybe TJ Maxx. After that I was thinking... I am becoming like my's literally showing... then I just screamed as we were both laying there oiled up in our one pieces. Yes... I have been persuaded by the one piece. I love them. They are great. You can bounce around at the beach (which in a one piece your feet are the only thing bouncing), wakeboarding it much safer, and I think a blonde looks classy in a black one piece. YET it was too much to take knowing I was now older and like my mother.

She laughed and loves catching me being like her! I guess it is a good thing to be like mom, except I didn't get stuck with brown hair- I'm a blessed Blonde!

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