Thursday, February 28, 2013

My kids are cool. (Old post never published)

My kids are doing way too many neat things not to be a better documenter of them.  So here's a little tidbit of their daily doings:

  • Even on the coldest of days, Lola would rather not wear a jacket because it makes her outfit less pretty.  Even pretty jackets don't make the cut.  
  • Lola would sleep in skirts and dresses if we let her.  Not just any dresses and skirts though.  She has opinions and likes to see all of them on before she decides which one she wears out, especially if we are going somewhere new. She tried on 3 skirts today before deciding which one to wear to church. 
  • Oliver is smart.  You got to watch out for those quiet ones.  It is crazy calling him quiet because for 5 months he mostly cried, but now, he stills cries, cries hard, but when he isn't which is typically the case, he doesn't babble all too much either.  When Lola is at school, it would be really easy to forget another child is home with me  When he crawls around the house, I have a hard time finding him, because he's quiet.  One day Lola and I looked for a couple minutes trying to find him... I was a little panicked people.  Since he is so mobile now and pulling up- I am learning which parts of the house are definitely not baby proofed anymore hence the panic.  By the way, he was in Lola's closet.  He loves sneaking off to Lola's room.  Lola talked from 4 or 5 weeks on and never stopped so I knew the minute she woke up in bed, I could hear her from any room she was in... Oliver is sly and smart. And quiet.
  • BUT Oliver is not always quiet.  He talks, squeals, yells, and cries at Lola.  He adores her.  Not just kind of, but really, a lot.  Oliver has now been waking up earlier than Lola so he's nice and alert by the time she comes and finds us in the den.  Watching Oliver realize his sister is up is better than Christmas morning.  He gets so excited and she snuggles with us and gives kisses and more kisses.  We all 3 love it.  
  • Lola can be a smart ass.  Are us moms allowed to say that about our three year olds?  If it was a mean type, I wouldn't say it, only think it.  But it's the sweetest smartass ever.  I should take notes from my three year old.  Me and mom were painting the den and I kept reminding Lola the walls were wet- well, inevitably, she touched the walls and her hands were covered.  I asked her as she went to wash her hands "Where did you touch the wall at? I can't see it!" and she yelled back "Just find the spot where no paint is and that's where I touched the wall."  She didn't say it mean, or cocky- just matter of fact.  My mom couldn't stop laughing and I was speechless.  It's funny, a little mean- but comes from a three year olds mind that has a ton of common sense and a heart of gold.  
  • Lola is getting braver.  Less shy.  And expressing her feelings well.  I love it.  When she is anxious or nervous, she says her tummy hurts.  You know the bad kind of butterflies you get when you have to see a doctor you'd rather not, or hang out with your less than favorite people- she gets these and she tells me her stomach hurts.  At first, I thought she was trying to get out of whatever it was that was making her tummy supposedly hurt, but then it dawned on me that she was nervous and her tummy probably did feel funny!! So now when she says that we talk about being nervous and I try to assure her of all her worries. God takes care of the birdies... no worries.
  • Not neat, but to document- Oliver did a trial run on foods that contained dairy.  Horrible.  No good.  Not going there again any time soon. Bummer.  Real bummer.

Update: This is as far as I got, before I saved it and then forgot to return it... so I'll post it and move on to a new one....

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