Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Ollie Bear!

Your one year old birthday finally has come and gone.  It was so bittersweet for me.  While you were sick and cried nonstop for months, your daddy and I would always say "If we can just make it till your one, this will all be behind us. Just a memory. Maybe we will even have forgotten how bad the cries were."  We haven't forgotten, but we certainly have moved forward.  Yay! You are so big now.  You really remind me of your dad.  You observe quietly.  You interact better one-on-one.  You speak big when you have your space, things on your terms, and lots of trust.  And you love Nicky.  You are still very quiet in terms of babbling and talking.  No real words.  Although you definitely make a lot of boy noises.  Grunts.  Sighs.  And demands.  You love to cruise furniture, but haven't taken any steps of faith yet.  You have gotten aggressive with Lola.  We knew the day was coming.  You adore Lola, but when you have had enough- you sure have ways of letting her know.  You also get jealous when I am loving on Lola.  Today you tried to push her off my lap and you sat down on my leg.  Haha- good thing there was plenty of room for both of you!  You are starting to get better about not being such a momma's boy.  You seem to finally be warming up to Nonna too, which I am glad, but it was quite funny.  You also are warming up to your daddy too!  You blow him kisses when he gets home and wave bye-bye to him when he leaves.  You've realized he's a good floor player! 

Right now you have 102 fever.  Not sure what's going on, but hopefully you'll feel better soon!  Next week you have your well child visit so I will know your weight and height and percentage... you also have your allergist visit which seems long overdue.  We can hopefully get some better answers on all these food allergies/issues.  You break out in hives to Milk and it affects your attitude/demeanor.  It seems to be a true allergy at this point.  Seeing how you react to eating bread with a tiny bit of milk makes me understand why you cried so much and felt so bad as a baby on formula that still had milk protein in it.  Makes me sad.  (That was Nutramigen- you ended up on Elecare, amino acid based.)  

So you are still taking bottles, still on Elecare after some concerns with Almond milk, you still wake up for night feedings, you refuse to wear shoes, you rock at sleeping in your bed- so here's the deal: you are still my baby.  No toddler stuff yet!  I have enjoyed this prolonged baby stage.  I know how quickly it goes, so I am enjoying it all.  I even enjoy the 4 am feedings when the house is all quiet and you fall back asleep on my chest.  Your bed is sentimental.  It's where I always feed you.  Your crib is sentimental because you sleep so good in it and it has horrible teeth mark all the way around it.  Your sound machine is sentimental because it plays a horrible vacuum type noise every night and shines an image on the ceiling.  It's very helpful to you.  You are a blanket boy.  You sleep with 1-3 every night and we take one with us now everywhere because it helps soothe you instantly.  It's pretty cute.  Your sister never had a blanket or stuffed friend.  I am glad you do.  Interested to see if you and sis stay opposite or not.  I imagine so.  Hope y'all are sweet siblings and get along.  

Your party was so much fun and everyone was so excited! (Pictures are a mess and out of order and not edited. :(  But hey, they are up!)

(I like to add me in so I can see what I looked like when the kids were young and so was I!)

He LOVES his car!  Perfect present for him!  My online review readings paid off this time! Hehehe-

Faced scratch from a grocery fight with the buggy.  Eeek.

Next up: Lola Lou! 

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Alycia Hawkins said...

looks like a wonderful and successful party!!! happy 1st oliver.