Saturday, March 22, 2008

the tennis tourney

i like tennis. ginni and i decided to start taking lessons (from Coach Rog) and... well, we probably need to tell him we have decided that he is going to give us lessons, but back to the and, and.... i decided you can tell a lot about people while watching them play tennis unless they are really good, like on a semi-pro level.

this week, spring break '08... i, along with several other friends, played tennis and i came to this realization (refer above) which was great because it was just a confirmation that my friends are cool despite the ridiculous, non-sense tennis tourney. this realization came to my just now actually... since i did come to this realization you can assume that none of us are ready to escalate to the tennis skirts or white shorts. i'll take this opportunity to give a shout-out to my Co-Champion teammate, Nick Clark, Nick the Slick, Nicky Tricky or simply Bub will do! Love you Bubba'!

It was all really funny.

Rox who played with Zach didn't seem very competitive, but that didn't mean she didn't put forth 110%... she laughed at herself and encouraged others... wasn't the best trash talker which just means she's nicer than the rest of us...

zach her teammate wore a bandanna around his head, talked trash, but lost... so, so so...

brad was completely chilled out on the court, not too competitive maybe because he knew nick and i were among the competition (no hope for anyone :) he just played it cool, hit the first serves with everything he had and that didn't work out for him but consistent none the less. soooo brad.

nick talked trash, played like he was best buds with Novak Djokovic, and probably would have played the best out of 23 if he lost the first round. did i mention he ripped off his shirts in the finals?? soooo nick.

mom played injured- talked a little trash, also encouraged, was a great fan, and played consistent. she's like that in life.

ginni and charlie started strong. although quiet at times, after ginni missed a few strategically hit to her backhand, charlie got all frustrated which is how nick and i strategically planned to win. it worked. 4-0.... they are cute... on another note- ginni and i were excited to have our husbands join in on all the lake fun.

where was clay? he stayed back at the house and chilled out on this one. his tennis talent is really too much for the rest of us to handle.

Shout out to all the participants in the tennis tournament over Spring Break '08.

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