Friday, July 8, 2011


I have totally fallen behind in blogging which isn’t good because I love it so much!  Just been so busy with Sew Creative, CFA, and of course family!

Here’s a quick update with pictures!

Sew Creative is going great! Love it!


Lola has learned to drive.

004 (2)

Just kidding, but her ears are finally 100% cleared up.  Went to the ENT and had a successful visit and possibly made friends with the doctor and nurses so maybe next visit will be a good one for her.  No tubes for the time being and hoping that was her last ear infection.  Doctor says there is no way to know. But fingers crossed!

To celebrate feeling well we headed off to the playground which has a huge tarp over it to help us beat the 100 degree weather. Unfortunately the tarp doesn’t help keep little two year olds from breaking their foot… more to come. Check out Laura’s post for more pics! (like I didn’t add enough for you!)

006 (2)

009 (2) 018 (2)

Lola is just always cheesin’ at Aubrey!  She certainly loves her!

017 (2)

Laura and I were certainly a good team that day because I brought watermelon as a surprise because both girls love it and she brought Sonic drinks for all of us! How funny is that?  Gotta’ love it.

040 (3)

054 (2)

Aren’t they a mess?  Can you tell just by looking at them how hot it is outside and how hard they play!?  It’s nice to a kid and not care about the heat.  Or they germs on the table.  ;)

062 (2)

This picture is being framed…




Back home and all cleaned up but refusing to smile- can you believe this is the best picture I got?


So the first trip to the park went so well and we were the only ones there, we decided to go back a few days later.

Girls were in heaven again.

Instagram picture taken with my phone.  They were just laying on the concrete having a good ole time laughing at each other.


But after a bad fall on the playground- the fun ended.  Lola wouldn’t walk on her foot and was consistent about where the pain was, so I thought maybe she broke her foot.  No swelling and no bruising so of course I waited a couple of days to take her in! ;)

Turns out after a trip to Children’s she fractured her foot! I guess after two solid days of her refusing to walk on her foot, I had no choice but make her see a doctor.  I would have taken her sooner if it wasn’t such a nightmare to take her.  We went to Children’s and they were a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  Much more set up to handle her.  She did GREAT!


And so did Nonna! Haha- she came as reinforcement with Lola and worked her booty off. It was huge help- actually I hardly had to do anything!  It was like a mini-date for me and Clay! Haha!

 photo[1] photo[2]

A couple hours after getting there, we were booted up and ready to go.  Thanks Children’s! (And to Carrot for helping me decide to go there!)

For the 4th of July weekend we made it up to Nonna and Ba’s 4th Party- Lola was beside herself happy.  She got to get on the boat for the first time!


photo[3] photo[4]

By Monday she was pretty tired from her late nights up, so we stayed long enough to see everyone and let Lola keep partying then headed back home.  She slept the entire way home and great that night!  She was exhausted!

Not the best picture but sure love this man-


All my good pictures are taken with my phone! :(  I hope the iPhone 4 goes down soon because I look forward to having a good camera and phone in one.

Lola has been doing great in her boot and we can take it off to swim and sleep.

Looking forward to fall for sure.  But still enjoying the summer.  It’s impossible not to when you have the cutest, most imaginative little person living with you!  Clay Lola is getting smarter and smarter.

A few of my favorite things-

1. She has learned to say “a little bit” and it cracks me up whens he uses it in a sentence.  She told me the other day around 5 p.m. “Daddy be home in just a whittle bit.”  So smart. And I asked her if she tee-teed in her panties and she said really sluggish, “Yeeeep, just a whittle bit.”  Ha!

2.  The other day while Lola bathed we sung the 5 little monkeys jumping on a bed and I sung- “the momma called the doctor and the doctor said…” and Lola exclaimed- “Put a band-aid on it!!!!” :)

Okay Lola is begging me for chips and hot sauce so gotta’ go- but one last thing… I am on my 6 week (only 3 weeks left) of training for a 5K.  I know, kind of wimpy, but I am glad I am finally consistently working out/running.  I somewhat like it ;)

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