Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Slacker

So for some reason this summer I have fallen behind on blogging.  Nothing too crazy has happened and we are really just trying to stay cool because it is ridiculously hot right now.

I am in the process of changing my dining room over to a craft/sewing room which will be great for me and great for Sew Creative.  I can’t wait to share what I do and of course I am trying to redo the room as cheap as possible! Hitting up garage sales Saturday morning and look forward to finding treasures!  (Fingers crossed!)

Here are some random pictures…

Carole now known as “Carrot” send Lola a surprise and I told her who sent it to her in the mail and she knew exactly who I was talking about and said “Nonna’s Friend.”  Btw, Lola is talking so good.  Everyday she seems to say new words and I laugh thinking about how she has picked them up.  A few days ago, she was saying “Oh my gosh.”  Which I would prefer her not to say, but it was quite comical. 

Ok- pictures of opening Carrot’s surprise to Lola- Purple Elmo Pajamas!

I like how you can see the thought process-

Hmmm….clothes? She is starting to check it out.


“What are on these purple pajamas?”


“Ohhhhh, it’s Elmo!”


Smiling at her new surprise.


I told her we needed to wash them first, that’s why she has that look on her face, but she won… she got to wear them unwashed.  :)


Thanks to Carrot for thinking of Lola all the way in Arkansas! 

Aubrey came over yesterday to have a little outside time.  I am lucky we have such a big, beautiful tree in the back creating shady spots.

The other day the played so well and Laura and I were able to paint a whole bedroom! (Thanks BFF!) But yesterday- um- not quite as well.  Not bad, but not like that one day. ;)  We look forward to more days like  that.



066    068

Sew Creative has been a lot of fun!  I keep getting new girls and look forward to going full force in about another month. Remember it’s for girls all ages and for beginners.  I lot of girls are choosing just to take a few classes to learn a few things they really want to know how to do. Recently my younger girls made really cute coasters-


See?  I was lying.  Aren’t they great?  And they pick out their own fabric and I think they are pretty darn good at it!  I saw these coasters on line and they are great for lessons because they teach several little things and help you practice a straight stitch over and over.  I “pinned” these even though I am still not quite on board with Pinterest yet.  Trying to get use to the concept but all my friends love it!

Okay more later- my sewing lessons are actually about to begin! :) Woohoo!  A big thanks to Nonna and Clay for helping with Lola every week so I can fit in all my students!   

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Casey & Lauren Coats said...

that is some SUPER CUTE fabric! I had my coaster on my night stand and my dog stole it (she does that with random things) and now I can't find it!!!! :(