Wednesday, August 29, 2012


B-E-A-C-H Vacation: Just what the doctor ordered for momma! :)  Lola has been dying to go and I have to actually.  Sand, waves and sun- sign me up.  Problem.  Oliver.  Pretty hesitant, but dad got a beautiful place and lured us in with a beautiful beach home and a hippy town with lots of character.  Oh and a plane ride.  :)  Thanks Daddy.  I told him he must loveeeeeeee me, or is it Lola? Haha.  We all were able to go and Nick joined in towards the end since he is a busy, busy working man with his new business- Common Desk.  (SN: Lola pretends like she works there and it's really cute!)

Lots of prayer, love and flexibility from all of us, Oliver did great.  Lola's favorite part was getting all sandy.  The last couple of days, her beach loving flare had died down- but she was still ready to party.  We loved riding the bikes through the small town with great little stores, riding to the next town- and exploring.  

{Picture Time: Brace yo' self- there are tons and it's only like 2% if what I took}

Lola ready for the beach and Oliver ready to chill in the beach house! 

The beach turns Nonna into a kid! :)

Lola is in love with sand.

Took Oliver in the ocean a tad, but he didn't like being all wet and sandy afterwards. 

The skies looked different everyday.  It was perfect weather!

Clay said I looked swedish. My hair was braided most of the time because it was always wet or tangly.

My dad tied to teach Clay to body surf.  He's really good at a lot of things but not this! 

My man and me.  Heart. 

One of my favorite meals.  I know.  I know. Don't say it.

Lola and Ba love playing games.  And I think Lola always wins. ;)

Coffee house we would ride our bikes too.  So cute! 

Beach home.  Great floorplan for all of us!

Eating at a local bed and breakfast since our kids wake up before anyone else.

I shocked everyone when I came up with this cool scheme of including O on our bike rides!

Took Lola to paint pottery.  Loved it.  She did too :)  Need to do that locally again.

Beach boy.  

Oh this is me with straight hair on the way to the beach.  It's rare it gets blow dried straight these days!

Excited kids to board a plane! 

Nonna flew with us :)

Picture time while we waited to be cleared at security check. 

Lola was reading all about plane safety and rules.

Good boy he is.  And so is God.  Miracle.

We made it! Kebby and Ba drove and praise they did because they had a car load of baby gear.  They picked us up from the airport. :)

Too cool for snow cones.

Loved our master bath.  I took bubble baths during Oliver's naps in the afternoon.  Who would have thought I could do that! Amazing.  Relaxing.  I think the family thought I was still bouncing him- hehehe... evil laugh.

Lola totally hopped in their picture. She wasn't suppose to be standing there. Haha! 

There we go. 

Sweet boy sleeping.  He had only one bad night and that's because I snuck in a date night with Clayers!  Woohoooo but sad my baby cried.

Free as a bird.  Or a little girl with a mermaid barbie.

Skin Boarding! 

Daddy's turn.

Baby boy jamming out sleeping out to Jewel on the beach.

She loved the sand.  Did I mention this? 

I included this pictures so the kids can have a good time with it in the future.  I am borrowing Nonna's hat so it shades Oliver's face- I look like a serious hot mess.  LOL

Everything might be fat and out of shape, but my arms sure do get a work out with this baby boy.

Lola and I watching her daddy dive for fish.

Baby feet in sand.

Baby feet in water.

Love this picture.  Is Lola the proud big sister or the big bully sister?  Going with proud.

See there.  Proof.

We all borrowed Nonna's hat.

My affectionate little snuggle bug.

Beach homes.  Awe.

Local bar.  Lola loved the entertainment. 

He made it! 

How grown up she is.  We are digging the side ponytail these days.

Momma tried to bike with Lola and couldn't so we had to beg Ba to join us even though he just got off biking.  :) Thanks Ba!

Sign at the coffee shop.

Game time again.  One of Ba's favs with Lola this week was biking to the coffee shop and playing checkers with Lola.  Too sweet.

Clay helped with Oliver one night which meant a nappy day for him. :)  Can't hang with the moms of the world, can ya?  ;)

Oliver had some good naps and not so good naps.  And everyone learned to tippy toe upstairs.  :)

Big girl, but still so little.

Beach time for momma.  Just me, my phone and a book.  For like TWO hours! :)

Coming back home.

Everyone had an amazing time and loved our time on the beach with family, but Lola sure was glad to get back home to her own "bed, bath tub, Mesquite Chick-fil-A and coffee pot."  Her words. 

I'll post some videos soon :) 

Thanks fam!

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