Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Suck-Swallow Study...

Oliver had his study done today and ate really good.  He always shows off at these appointments and makes me look crazy, but despite doing his best- it was still very clear that he has a very weak suck reflex.  He also showed a lot of liquid "jiggling" where there should be no movement, but going straight down.  She said it appears he is refluxing as he eats so while liquid is trying to go down, other liquid is trying to come up and he chokes.  He will now have physical therapy for feeding twice a week.  It may take a couple weeks to get it started though.

He had an extremely bad choking episode and I am still kicking myself for not calling 911because it took at least 2 and half minutes to resolve.  His lips were completely blue-purple. He finally forcefully threw up to unchoke himself and sounded so bubbly and wheezy for awhile afterwards.  Since then he hasn't finished a whole bottle.  It's been 24 hours.  Today they said bad choking episodes can take a little while before they really want to go after a bottle.  He was starving at the swallow-suck study but would only take 2 ounces.  :(  She told me next time, not to wait- to just dial 911.  Better safe than sorry and I agree.

After today, she also is recommending a physical therapy evaluation to check out all his milestones and motor skills, etc... And lastly, it is her opinion that we should get a neurological exam.  Dr. S had in her notes the possibility of this based off our last visit, so now that two professionals have this on their radar, I would most definitely like to do this.  Today she said with a baby like Oliver it is important to cross all of our t's and dot all of our i's and I am all for this attitude and plan.  At these appointments, they are around Oliver for at least an hour, instead of 5 minutes like a pediatrician appointment which I like.  They hold him, interact with him and see a lot of moods from him.  It is still just a glimpse compared to what I see, but it's so much better on helping them understand him and me.

I am sure I will see Dr. S very soon and have more information and hopefully a revised game plan for O and better address the reflux as well.  I am hoping neurologically we get everything checked out and praying nothing is wrong. As many struggles as Ollie has had, I know God made him just as he needed to be and God is teaching me how to be a better mom, more patient, and have a loving attitude with my children. I hate for Oliver sake's his first several months have involved so much crying and formula his body was allergic to, but glad we are on the right path.  I'll always fight for my babies.

Lola is seriously the best big sister ever.  I really can't imagine Oliver having a better sister than she is to him.  She is so darn loving and sweet to him.  Every once in awhile she throws a sneaky move his way, but she wouldn't be a true sister if she didn't.  Hehehe...  She talks to him in a funny voice, which cracks me up because it's really her imitating the way I talk to him.  I talk much more baby-like to Oliver than I did Lola, but Lola acted all grown up from the get go! He woke up from a nap and stretched real big and Lola came running to his side and said "that was just the biggest baby stretch ever boo-boo!" in her imitation voice.

I feel bad for Lola because I am so drained right now and at night when Clay gets home, he plays with Lola because Oliver is still so needy at night.  I want Clay to play with Oliver so I can play with Lola.  I try not to let it hinder some of our day activities and depending on how much sleep I get depends on how good the day goes usually.  I am so glad she is about to start school again.  I think she will really enjoy school and dance this year and hopefully will be getting her in gymnastics too.  We picked out her fabric for her backpack yesterday and I need to go back to make her a small princess quilt for her "quiet time" after lunch.  Princesses, barbies, and babies are the craze around her.

Oliver only slept an hour today so when I finally got him down at 5:30 after resetting him with a bath, Clay got home and took Lola on a dinner date.  She was so excited.  She is wearing my dress, which I sewed to fit her now.  It's long and flow-y like Aunt Kebby's.  :)  Just what she wanted.  I am bouncing O while I fill the world in on him- and him in on himself in 25 years.  When he has a kid and has payback and says "no way was I like this" I'll refer him right on over to these posts.  :)    

Need to post the beach pictures because they are adorable.  :)


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