Friday, December 14, 2012

Quick Update (Crawling and Hospital)

Is it seriously 11 days till Christmas?  How is time possibly going by this fast?? Please slow down life.  Pretty please.  My dad would probably smile at that because he tried to tell me to enjoy the now while I was a bit younger, but I wanted to get to this point.  I knew I would love it as much as I do.  And now that it is here and I am living it, it's flying by.  I have been married 5.5 years, two kids- and I just love it.  I love not having a perfect marriage and working hard to be a better wife and know my husband better- I love being a mom and practicing putting creativity into our days and spending quality time versus absent time with my kiddos.  Life is nice.  It's work and nice work.

Oliver is crawling starting the first of the month!  It's an army crawl and we totally count that all the way.  He's quite fast, loves electrical outlets, cords, and sister's toys.  He eats play-doh and pretzels pieces off the floor, leaves a spit up trail down the hall (which I secretly adore when I see all those dried spots down the hallway), and has already pulled down my curling iron which was on.  Luckily no boo-boos yet and my baby-proofing is being tested every minute of the day.  Way to go Oliver! Still no babbling.  Although he's not talkative he does have a voice.  He laughs at his sister and screams when she yanks him up and over and forward or backwards.  He squeals when he wants something.  He's quite charming.  And a pretty good sleeper.  I think.  I just say that because he sleeps in his crib and I put him down awake.  It's amazing.  I am still just not use to it.  Haha- I guess by the time he is 2 or 3 I will be.

A week ago, Lola was admitted to the hospital which to our surprise was asthma.  Originally she was admitted for pneumonia, but the doctors really felt like she didn't have that or it was minimal after being there overnight and it was all about asthma.  I knew she had allergy induced asthma but I didn't realize this was going on.  It certainly made sense once we got all the information.  She has been sick a lot and never seemed to recover each time and now I know asthma was a big factor in that.  She was so big and brave at the hospital but her Nonna wasn't! Lol!  She couldn't stand her getting upset, her IV and would leave the room and leave little ol' me in there!  I had to certainly put on my big momma panties and stay strong.  I wanted to seriously bawl.  She was so tired, sick, breathing horribly, and really wanting to go home.  We started the Friday at the pediatrician and she was horrible.  It wasn't our normal pediatrician and she had to get blood and pee in a cup.  She screamed so loud over and over.  The last thing I wanted to do was then go to the ER.  He sent us straight there.  At some point, she got brave and did her thing like a trooper.  After a day with the IV in, she decided she would go home with it in.  I knew she was scared for them to take it out.  I was very honest with her about what would hurt, who would do what, etc... The scariest part of anything is not knowing and the wait.  We stayed Friday through Sunday and were so excited to go home!!!!  It was actually the first time I was away from Oliver for more than a few hours.  It was so weird and hard, but easier knowing Clay was getting some great boy time with Oliver and learning how night shifts work for the first time ;)  I snuck home while Lola napped Saturday to see him and he was honestly so excited to see me!  It's weird balancing time when one child needs you much more than the other.  I felt like it was Lola's time to need me though.  We did have some great quality time if that's weird to say.

Okay- so it's almost eleven and I have been staying up way too late so I am going to try and go to sleep now.  I'll hopefully post a better post soon with pictures!  Before Christmas!!

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