Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I wished I blogged more...

Two things: I wished I blogged twice a week.  And- I wished I knew how to work a nice camera.  Sometimes I think if I had a super nice camera, then I would have to learn how to use it.  Not reality though.  One day I will know and one day I will blog more.

Until then- this is what ya' get.  iPhone pictures and once a month blogging. :)

So the latest is- Thanksgiving barely happened and we missed the Swartz side thanks to sick kids.  Really sick.  Lola had the flu and I didn't know it.  Took her to doctor after being sick for 5 days and still not getting better and she had the flu!  I totally had "I'm-being-like-my-mother moment" by skipping out on the doctor visit thinking she'll get better soon, it's probably no big deal then BAM! Flu! And sick for another few days, then a week of trying to recover- despite no fever, everything else wasn't well.  She just now seems better, finally eating again, but still gets real weak and tired looking.  The Oliver came down with croup, which I wasn't familiar with and we were in the ER the night-er-moring of Swartz Thanksgiving.  Then a week later he comes down with horrible congestion and fever and decided not to chance it (I am a good mom and learn from my mistakes) and took him in to find out he had an ear infection.  Was put on a antibiotic and HIVES!  Everywhere, horrible, yucky hives.  He's allergic.  He's on a different med now and still taking benadryl every day to fight those damn hives.  He had taken 2/3rds of the azithromycin before I really knew- and the nurse explained that stays in his system a while so he may keep having hives for several more days.  They wanted me to bring him in, but I told her I am pretty much a pro at hives around here.  It's too common.  Along with allergies, eczema, breathing treatments, ear infections, colic, and fevers.   :)  My kids are giving me a nursing degree.  But please, no blood.  And less throw up.

Oh and the best part is Clay is now sick.  Double ear infection, bad sinus infection.  See where you kids get it from??  NOT your momma!  Now if you start to have horrible stomach problems and think you need to be rushed to the emergency room every few days, that's from me.  Sorry.  Sick husbands are worse than sick kids by a long shot, so it's time everyone gets well and we enjoy DECEMBER!!

Can't believe it's Christmas time.  I am LOVING our fireplace now that the couch faces it and it's wood burning!!  Can't wait to share pictures.  From my iPhone.

I normally know the topics of the next 5 paragraphs before I get to them because so much thought is running through my head.  But tonight I am blank.  Been staying up way too late, then sleeping twenty minutes to be awakened by a hungry baby, then awakened again just three hours later by the same hungry baby then waken again one hour later by a sweet 3 year old who already has something very important to tell me if she didn't sneak in my bed before then to tell me and cuddle.  So why am I staying up late?  I'M GANGSTA'.   But not tonight.  Good night world.

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