Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy 8 Months Lola-

Well I have so many new things I am loving about you-

  • I love how you can crawl and crawl now… did I even post about this?  Surely so!  You started crawling right around 7 months.  I like how you can crawl all around the house and you come find me.  I like how you know what “come here.”  And you have now turned my house into a baby proof house…


049 - Copy

  • I like that you go through all my cabinets and drawers like I used to do.  You now have even figured out that there are drawers higher than your head and you reach way up and pull on them… you are smart and awfully curious. 

163 161

  • You wave to everyone and always make friends where ever you go. 
  • I love your friendly spirit and how you always want to play with other children.


  • I love that you know who people are and their names.
  • I like that you have already had cotton candy.

A little weird at first…

069 - Copy But pretty good, huh?

074 - Copy

  • I love you no longer need a baby bath tub in the big bath tub.  I’ll have to get some pictures of you taking a big girl bath.
  • I love that you are trying new foods, even vegetables.  You are already a better eater than me! And you like to share…


  • I think it’s funny how all this activity is shedding some baby weight- you are now skinnier and taller… looking good Miss. Lola.
  • I love that you seem close to walking which makes you a little less fearful… you are taking steps one from object to another.
  • It’s so sweet how you respond to people’s emotions now.  A sad face or crying is quite concerning to you!  They say you have Kebby’s heart… apparently Clay and I are sympathetic… haha.
  • You are a Momma’s girl more now than maybe ever… I have to admit… it warms my heart!


I am sure there are tons more things I love about you- but I am tired and have spend way too long blogging when I should have been sleeping.  But I love you Lola Lou.

Some 8th Month Old Pictures- I love these overalls on you! How come I am already using my Christmas gift cards on YOU??? Because I love ya!

270   254 247 246  239 237

And Happy Birthday to my Maw-Maw!!!!!



~Laura~ said...

First, I don't even know where to start! That was ALOT of blogging!! LOL!
Yay for Lola being 8 months! time is flying!!! LOVE the overalls, super super cute!!
Its so funny how Aubrey and Lola have so many of the same things. Aubrey got those owl pjs from Emily and that princess car from my dad! And.. alot of the gifts you got Lola I got Aubrey! Great moms think alike :)
Great christmas pictures! You should use those of you and clay playing with her outside in your room!
I feel like I'm forgetting something?
Oh, I need those bday pics from you :) thank you for posting about it.

Your sweet! Love ya girl! :)

Debbie said...

Love the overalls!! She looks adorable in them!