Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holy Smokes- Thanks Trisha

I hope I spelled your name right, but more importantly you saved me tonight!  So thank you.  Thank you. 

I rocked Lola to sleep pretty easily around 10:15.  Tried twice to put her in her crib asleep and wide awake, sitting up both times.  So I picked her back up and rocked again and again, then laid her in my bed.  :(  After laying with her to try and keep her asleep- she finally popped up and seemed ready to play.  I wasn’t happy.  So I plopped (okay a little more gentle than a plop) her in her crib (which is still in our room, but that will change shortly) patted her back, told her I loved her, and night, night.  Put on her favorite CD, turned off all lights, and walked out shutting the door behind me. 

The letting her cry it ALL OUT method had just begun. 

I felt pretty bad trying it tonight, because Clay’s friend Robert is staying over tonight, but it was time, really past due.  Clay didn’t seem to have much hope in this method, but I was ready. 

Something clicked tonight.  Thank God.

Solid 20 minutes of crying and then silence. 

Sweet silence. 

Except for the funny hiccup type noises that follow those awful cries. 

The funny thing is since she didn’t cry for hours like I expected, I just thought maybe she feel out and hit her head or something like that.  Then I had to debate rather or not to peak (the crib is right by the door) and risk waking her or take the chance she wasn’t laying on the cold floor. 

What should a smart mother do? 

I peaked. 

Sleeping angel. 

Nestled in the corner of her crib. 

Should I move her away from those bumper pads?  Again, what should a smart mother do? 

I shut the door and trusted she was okay and said a little prayer to my God, who honestly is bigger than ever right now.  Hopefully she’ll move soon, but she is used to sleeping in my bed with big fluffy pillows and lots of blankets, so I think she is good. 

About the crib being in our room.  We thought that may be smart to try that because at least she wasn’t switching rooms and beds.  But really I should have it in her room.  But I do think it helped.  And really she can sleep in my room for awhile, I just need her out of our bed.  So I am happy. 

And also, more I thought about it, the more I thought starting this sleeping habit with naps was a bad idea.   She normally takes 3 naps a day.  Sometimes they are in the car, stroller, or grandmothers’ houses so I thought if she got used to sleeping in her crib at night then maybe during naps, when we were home, she would get a good nap in by being in her crib since it is becoming (fingers crossed) routine.   I hope this keeps working.   Thanks Joi and Trisha for the advice and encouragement.  Looking forward to what more nights bring.   I do think crying will continue but if it’s only a short period of time I can handle that!  I was doing laundry, dishes, and had music playing, so I could barely hear her, plus her CD was on.  LOL- I feel like I may not get the mom of the year award tonight- but I get the hell of a strong woman award!  :)

Good night has a whole new meaning tonight, so good night. 

Love, Nat

Oh and I wanted to take a picture of my sleeping angel, but ya right.  Would I take that risk?  Not a chance. 


The McCoys said...

haha, you so deserve the strong mom of the year award, and ultimately it was best for her - even though it may not seem like when she is screaming! And because you did what was best for her - that makes you mom of the year! Good Luck! Getting her to sleep (where they should and when they should) is one of the hardest milestones!

The McCoys said...

Yes, it will probably take a few nights. But babies are smart and after 2 or 3 nights they'll start to understand you aren't giving in. It is definitely going to be harder if you aren't at home. At 8 months if she wakes up in the middle of the night, it isn't because she is hungry, it is because she wants you to come comfort her. (Dylan knew I would come...I would rock him back to sleep without even feeding him...) So yes, let her cry herself back to sleep. It is really hard to do but if you stick with it, it should take no more than a week!

Remember that if you have fed and changed her then the only other reason she is crying, is because she wants you! Hang in there!