Monday, December 28, 2009

Need any and all advice

I have so much to blog about, but this takes precedence. 

I have to get Lola to learn to sleep in her crib, not our bed and not to require an hour long (at least!) rocking session. 

I am just not strong enough to let  her cry herself to sleep in her crib and I am not convinced she would even fall asleep. 

We have her in the crib now and she is bawling and screaming.  The crib is in our bedroom since she’s used to sleeping in our room. 


Jennifer, my hair dresser, said to let her cry for 15 minutes and then pick her up and love on her and tell her “night, night” then put her back in her crib and repeat until she falls asleep.  She said this would last a week or so then she would be weaned from our bed and rocking.  I am attempting this and it seems like a nightmare.  Clay and I both can not take it.  Her cries and screams are so intense. 

Has anyone had this problem and how did they resolve it?

And let me add- I don’t want to hear opinions about co-sleeping- OBVIOUSLY this is a con to it.  But there were pros… I think.  LOL.  :)

PLEASE HELP!  Going on ten minutes, giving her a few more.  Don’t see this working tonight.   

(I’ll blog soon about Lola at 8 months and Christmas!!!)


Joi said...

Hey Nat! Nathan had a hard time going to sleep as well. I did rock him to sleep at night and then was able to put him in his crib. I recommend starting at nap time....start the nap a little earlier so that she is not so tired. You could start by rocking her for a set time and then put her in her crib, even if she is still awake. Don't say anything to her and then let her cry for 10 min, go back in and pat her on the back for a short time, give her a paci or whatever comfort THING she likes and walk out. Do this every 10 min until she goes to sleep. This will help at night time if she gets the routine during the day. You also won't be as tired. You have to be committed to this from the beginning, otherwise, she will be confused.

The McCoys said...

When Dylan was 8 months old I was working and exhausted from getting up every hour because Dylan KNEW that if he cried...I would come Dustin come home to find me throwing my own tantrum (he worked nights at the time) I finally decided after torturous debates with myself to let him cry it out. I tried several nights of patting and going in every 15 minutes but it never worked (not that it won't work for you) but after 3 nights of sheer exhuastion I had had enough and we went the "all out cry it out method." One night of 3 hours of on and off crying (me included in that crying)...we all finally fell asleep in our own beds. Dylan is know 3 and he has never ever woken up and needed help going back to sleep again. Each child is different and the "crying it out" method sucks-I'm not going to pretend but in the end we are all happier and much more well rested because of it. Good Luck with whatever you decide * keep in mind...she WILL be okay...she really will...