Monday, January 4, 2010

First Steps (8 months/Dec 30th)

First- the picture of the month… I love it. Haha.  She looks like her Daddy here. 



One Step, Two Step

It’s here- the beginning of a whole new world! Walking!  Lola took her first steps on December 30th, just after her 8 month mark.  She keeps practicing and is getting better.  We’ve counted 6 consecutive steps so far, and typically manages 2-3.  The bad thing is walking means she also has figured out she can stand without holding on.  So occasionally while she is standing playing with something, she will let go and look at me like “Did you see that?  I’m just a daredevil Mom.”  Which she is very much so.  I am really not encouraging the walking, because I do know it will be a whole new exciting world that I can wait to enjoy for a little while longer.  :)


006  004 003 002


Sleeping Update:

I am embarrassed to report in that it’s been put on hold.  :(  I know, no more strong mom of the year award.  I put a call in to the pediatrician to see her recommendation, because I just got uncomfortable with what I was doing and wasn’t sure it was best for Lola (and me).  I am waiting on her to call back.

The initial cry to sleep isn’t bad, it’s the waking up several times a night, crying and crying, that isn’t working.  She just can’t stay asleep in her crib.  And the middle of the night cries last so much longer than the first cry when we lay her in the crib asleep, but obviously she wakes right up and cries for typically 20 minutes.  The other night she cried from 3 am till 4 am.  That was the 3rd cycle of crying. I picked her up after the hour long crying and before I could even get to a rocker or my bed she was dead asleep in my arms.  I felt so bad.  Also, it makes her addiction to me, aka separation anxiety so much worse.  If I let her cry then for the next several hours she doesn’t want to be put down or out of my sight.  It’s terrible.  She now hates her crib- I can barely change her diaper in it or get her dressed.  Ugh.  I did buy her some cute new cozy pajamas somehow thinking that might help- well it didn’t but she looks cuter.  They are in the pictures above!  Last night she slept in her crib for an hour. I hate to say it, but that was huge progress.  I got her as soon as she started to cry, which maybe helps her know that the crib is okay and I haven’t left her in it for all eternity.  lol.  

Lots of Pictures for Fun!  We’ve been having photo shoots.  :)


I’ve included some pictures just trying to show off her nice round head in the back!






I like this picture because she is messing with her button on the side of her overalls.


I got caught up in being a photographer, I almost let her fall on this small concrete edge.  Lol! 







050 049 046

Lola likes to walk around her crib or anything, but she likes to try and carry her toys at the same time.  This one was a little big! lol



After crying herself to sleep- this only lasted so long.  Why do babies sleep with their bottoms in the air??



Hope everyone has a good rest of the week!!


Ginni said...

Cute pictures! And way to go Lola, on the walking!! You are such a big girl!

~Laura~ said...

These pics make her look so much bigger! Even bigger from when I just saw her! haha. Loved the ones of her outside- super cute :) And.. her hair is crazy in the ones of her in her bed!! haha! I love that their hair is getting long enough to put in little pony tails :) xan't wait to see her in walking action!!

~Laura~ said...

AND.. I know her sleeping is totally frustrating you.. but, eventually she will sleep- all night! in her bed!! You've been doing a great job! Don't lose faith :)

Jen Smith said...

She is getting so big, I can't believe she is taking steps already! Will definitely be praying for the sleeping issues... I am sure that is miserable for both of you. =(