Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bachelor

I will admit that I have decided to watch this awkward show this season for the first time.  So meet Jake- the new bachelor but apparently not a first-timer.  I believe he was in the final two last season of the Bachelorette.  He lost.  He actually is a complete nerd.  Really.  Just bazaar.  Not very manly to be so muscle-y and a PILOT!  What a cute profession.  But he just seems boring.  Maybe he proved otherwise last season.

Okay, so for the season I’ll have to blog about my opinions because it is impossible to watch the show and not have any.  I guess that’s why it will be fun to watch. 

The emotional girl must go.  I have a feeling they are a little too much alike.  Very emotionally intense.

I liked Tenly and way to go for her to get the first kiss.  I would not participate in a silly show like this, yet if I did- I would want the first kiss too.  And the other one I like so far is the girl in the purple dress.  It didn’t show her that much, but the few times I saw her, I liked her. 

The model girl, Roselyn??  Really?  Lordy, Lordy- she needs to go. 

And just wondering… but does anyone think it’s really odd how the camera zooms in on boobs, thighs, and really inappropriate things.  Maybe that’s another reason it is liked.  A big wake-up call to guys: Girls like looking at other girls boobs too.  We probably look before you do and already have them figured out: push-up bra, fake, breast fed, bad bra, etc…

Speaking of this!  I am tempted to put a picture of my boobs (with bra!) on here, but Clay reads this and would have a heart attack times 10.  But I got new bras and I LOVE them!  All my bras are old and falling apart or huge from when I was 9 months pregnant.  So I restocked with some Christmas money I received and my boobs are looking great.  What is Victoria’s Secret anyway?  Maybe I know…

Well until next show or Lola does something amazing… which is everyday!

P.S. I am attempting my last appeal with UHC so pray we can finally win our claim of Lola’s DOC Band! 


Anonymous said...

jake really is boring! i watched him on the bachelorette last season and he was an odd duck then too. i think he's good-looking, but so cheesy. anyway, i'm sure i'll still watch the show because something about it makes me want to watch the weekly awkwardness. i think it will be fun to read your opinion posts about it, so keep it up! :)

Debbie said...

I got new bras FINALLY too! They make such a difference when they fit right! lol