Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lola cracks me up!

Well I certainly have been random today- but this picture cracks me up.  I was using our better camera and the flash is pretty intense, so I guess she had enough of those bright flashes!  Pretty smart of her to cover her face!

008 (4)

The flash makes her eyes close for the pictures sometimes- but they are still so funny and cute!  Her hair is in crazy mode!

001 (5)

This is what happens when the ladies at Gram’s work get a hold of Lola.  :)  She was worn out from the office visit and lunch with Stacy.  She fell asleep drinking her bottle in her swing while watching Nemo (which Nonna got her for Christmas-good job Nonna).  Poor baby girl.  How come she holds her bottle in her sleep?  All the fun was worth it!  Can’t complain about the girl wanting naps! :)

006 (3)

Hope y’all didn’t get in trouble for having us there!  See y’all soon! 

Stacy!!!  We will miss you and so enjoyed all the time we got with you!  We just love you and think the world of you! :)

Oh and thanks to her Maw-Maw (my Maw-Maw)  for the cozy pajama sets she dropped off today!  She loves them and I kind of want a pair.  They are so warm and soft!  She has already worn both pairs!  One to play in and she is sleeping in her other one!

And last but not least- Lola’s Christmas present from Uncle Nick!!  If she ends up wanting to go to SMU then I’m going to blame Uncle Nick and we’ll get him to write the checks!!!  I can’t afford SMU for 5 kids!  You crazy! ;) 

009 (5) 

Good Night!


Debbie said...

Sorry we wore Lola out! But it sure was fun! she is such a social girl!!And I'm so proud of her new steps!! thanks for sharing her with Library Services!!

Carole said...

Missing Lola and you too of course. Love seeing the pics of her makes my day. Hope we can see you soon. By the way you know your a great mom, right?? :)

Casey & Lauren Coats said...

SUPER cute blog header! I love it!

Stacy said...

awww well i just love yall so much & miss you so much already!! thanks for everything! love you!! :)

Nonna said...

Love the new pictures! She is the cutest thing ever! So enjoy every new thing she does..love her clapping!