Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sleepless Night Six

Lola didn’t do so well last night.  Our max cry time for her at this point in this process is 35 minutes.  Last night after 35 minutes of nonstop tears and no sign of sleep, she won.  And after trying to put her down in her crib asleep a few times with no luck, she slept with us.  Ugh.  That one night of no Lola in our bed till 5 a.m. motivates me to get this to work, but not at the expense of too many unnecessary tears.  So tonight we reluctantly tried for the sixth consecutive night.  It took 30 minutes and she was asleep.  I still think this is taking too long now that we are one day shy of a week.  We see the pediatrician Thursday and look forward to her advice.  Hopefully Lola will sleep awhile in her crib tonight! 

Just keeping a log so Lola can read this one day when she is a mom and allows her babies to sleep with her… she’ll then see payback is a …..


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